Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The One Not Mentioned

Over the years and over the blogs, I've gone on quite a number of rants about the joke that is my love life. I've written diatribes about this ex and that ex, the effect they had on me, and the lasting scars that came as the result of these so-called "relationships."

But recently, I've come to remember one that, when compared to the others, didn't really seem to have the impact that they did. Hence, when I went on my rants, she remained unmentioned. However, now that I've been reminded of it all, and now that I think about it, this relationship - unfairly brief though it was - was probably one of the best I'd ever known.

Looking back, it's apparent to me now that this was my first real shot at love, and for reasons I can no longer remember, I somehow screwed it up. Then, of course, I left for Pittsburgh, and entered into the Twilight Zone as far as relationships went, so I couldn't really fix this mistake.

Oh, how Time and Fate work in crazy ways...

I can't really say much about it: It's still a very new situation, and I have no idea how it's going to go. In fact, I'm pretty sure I won't know for some time yet. But, like any good detective, I've picked up on some clues. (And it's funny, as I mention any good detective, TV Batman Adam West is voicing a Lending Tree commercial - awesome!) Hopefully I don't read them wrong.

And, since I know that she'll find her way here, I have a message for her:

10 years ago, when I came back from Pittsburgh, I went to the Fair. There, I saw you, and even walked right past you. And I said nothing. Like an idiot, I said nothing. I should have said hello. I should have said "Hey, remember me?" Part of me knew you couldn't forget, but part of me was also afraid it wouldn't end well. Lots of things didn't end well since then, trust me. But could have, should have, would have - didn't. I'm sorry...

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The crazy fuck that is me. said...

OMF'inG I ALMOST dropped a tear!! I just have to get this off my chest....WILL YOU TWO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ALREADY!! You know its know you want it...but no we gotta torture ourselves to make it all seem worth it in the end. Come on people!! FUCK and get together!!

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