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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why Do People Hate FOX?

The following is a post I made at the Internet Movie Database's page for the forthcoming Futurama movie. It has to contain the single funniest line I've ever typed in a serious argument, and I've highlighted it specifically. Why? Well, because I think it's pretty damn funny. Anyway, here's why people hate FOX:

Because the suits at FOX are nothing more than a bunch of morons. Need proof?

Canceled: Futurama, Family Guy, Firefly. Three great programs with sizable cult followings. Because they're not shameless ratings fodder like American Idol, the suits at FOX like to "trim the fat," often cutting out what is honestly great programming. Family Guy was saved by us, the fans, by buying up DVDs and giving the suits heck. Futurama, as is evidenced by this entry, is making a slight comeback. Firefly? It was probably the best new SciFi show on TV along with Battlestar Galactica. But FOX suits don't understand what that means.

All they understand is what sells. American Idol sells because complete idiots watch crap like that in droves. Firefly didn't sell because SciFi is still considered a "niche" genre. Heck, they probably think that stuff is just for 30 year old fanboys who still live in Mom's basement downloading poorly hacked nudie pics of Britany-Jo Spears-Federline-Cletus-McHatfield. They don't recognize a little thing we like to call "Fresh, Quality Entertainment." They'd rather feed us an entire season of Simon Cowell being the poor judge of talent he is, pushing it just because people like it when he trashes someone.

Nope. FOX isn't the network it used to be. In the beginning, FOX suits were brash upstarts who gave envelope-pushing programming like The Simpsons and Married... With Children the greenlight and scored big. Now, it's Rupert freaking Murdoch, who's older than dirt, and his money-grubbing, Bush-supporting old fart Country Club buddies who are calling the shots. And all they want to do is make their kids' trust funds a little fatter by pawning off crap.

But we can't blame this all on FOX. No, a lot of the blame rests on the complete tools who think shows like American Idol are "cool" and tune in, week-in and week-out, to watch like the mindless zombies the suits want them to be. The viewing public is just as indifferent to and ignorant of FOX's programming decisions as the people who actually make said decisions. "You want more morons like William Hung, but not a fresh, interesting and thought-provoking show like Firefly? Good on ya. Now pay us."

And you people buy it up like good little ants. Sad.

Shows like Family Guy, Futurama and Firefly BELONG on our TVs. Why? Because it's good entertainment floating in a nasty, brown-tinted sea of crap, complete with that oh-so-pungent Northern New Jersey smell.

And now, because I feel that I have not used enough hyphens, here are a few more:


Now then. That's why people hate on FOX. What's really sad is, those people are in an obvious minority. They're the people who can find something better than American Idol to watch. They're the smart ones.

American Idol Fans/FOX Lovers - You might want to eat your mental Wheaties...
Heh. Hyphenate names suck! Oh. And if you're looking for me on the IMDb boards, I post under AnimationJunkieX...