Saturday, October 13, 2007

Micro$oft: "We Fucked Up"

Woo hoo! Two major corporate admission posts in a row! How's that for a proficient day? Turns out that The Borg... I mean Micro$oft... have finally admitted to the biggest flaw in their happy little Internet Exploder... I mean Explorer... browser. You know the one, an ActiveX controller that allows websites set up by script kiddies, phishers, and other malicious hats to run nasty code on your machine without your knowledge. Fark thread Here...

You want the cure for Internet Explorer's security flaws? Here it is, and it's free:

Get Firefox. Do it. Now.

And in related news, the media has finally caught up with the rest of us: Windows will update itself, whether you like it or not, whether auto-update is on or not. Surprise, right? Not really. Way to live in the now, mainstream media. Fark It...

RIAA: "Yeah, We're Losing Our Asses Suing You"

Score one for the Good Side of the Force: The RIAA, while it won the first filesharing case to go to trial, has admitted that their four year lawsuit campaign has been an absolute cash vortex, costing much more than it's bringing in. They also admit that they really don't have any idea at all exactly how much money filesharing costs them.

The next line of questioning was how many suits the RIAA has filed so far. Pariser estimated the number at a "few thousand." "More like 20,000," suggested Toder. "That's probably an overstatement," Pariser replied. She then made perhaps the most startling comment of the day. Saying that the record labels have spent "millions" on the lawsuits, she then said that "we've lost money on this program."
Cue Nelson: "HA HA!" Fark away, my friends...

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I'd say you have no idea how frustrating it is, but alot of you probably do.

I'm working on the ultimate Christmas gift for a good friend of mine, but it's taking a mind-bashingly long time to finish up. In all, there are seven parts to this gift. I already have three parts, and I'm working on 4, 5 and 6 as we speak. These parts are the biggest, so they'll take the longest time and most effort to put together. Part 7 will be much simpler, I think, or at least hope.

One of life's little philosophies goes "It's the journey, not the destination." Well, in this case, the destination is WAY more enticing than the road there. The journey, to sum things up, is basically just watching little blocks. Yep. I've been sitting here, and will continue to sit here, watching little blocks for weeks on end. Why?

Because it's worth it. The destination of this little blocky roadtrip is to see the look on my friend's face when I hand him this present. It's the end-all-beat-all, complete, whole nine yards, kit-and-kaboodle, no doubt about it epitome of one of his all-time most favorite things. It'll be worth the "OH MY GOD" that he's sure to scream when he plugs it in and see's what's where.

But until then, blocks. Endless rows of blocks...

Friday, October 12, 2007

When Legends Speak

If you don't know who Mel Blanc was, shame on you for not having a childhood. A trip to the Fark Video page netted this link (and thread) to some video of Mr. Blanc on an early NBC episode of Late Night with David Letterman in 1981. Back then, 1001 Rabbit Tales was fresh in theaters, and I was a lad of three or four, enamoured with the work this man did every Saturday morning.

Eight years later, the Looney Tunes lost their voices as Mel sadly passed away. But the legacy he created will most likely live forever. Watch a true master at work...