Monday, January 18, 2010

Dubya Gets One... Right?!?

Mark this day on the calendar, because I'm about to give +1 to one of the people in this nation that I despise the most: George W. Bush. To see Farker's heads asplode, hit the thread.

"First of all, it takes time to get the supplies in place. That shouldn't deter them. In other words, there's an expectation-- amongst people that things are going to happen quickly. And sometimes it's hard to make things happen quickly. Secondly, there is a great reservoir of good will that wants to help. And that's why he asked us to help, and we're glad to do it."
Yeah. Good on Bush, right? Took him 9 years, but he finally got one right for a change. And the thing is, he actually spoke it well. That in and of itself is a small miracle. Hopefully, his efforts with President Clinton to bring attention to the crisis befalling Haiti will allow him to see how things SHOULD be handled, and maybe we can get another miracle: He'll apologize for fucking things up so badly...

Ahhh, a man can dream...

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