Saturday, December 03, 2005


Heh. Gee whiz, Derreck. 3 updates in one day not enough? Time to make it an even four! That's right, Derreck has signed on as the first post-Ranch commenter, and has thrown his hat into the ring to be part of the team blog, which will be coming soon. I'm thinking of calling it The Blog Prophyts Network. Sounds like a decently non-lame title.

So, what to update about? Well, as soon as I publish this bad boy, I'm off to meet up with Holly, head over to Jester's real quick, and then I'm meeting Holly again to help her with her Photoshop homework. After that, it's over to the Roadtrip Lounge at the Days Inn in Clearfield for booty shaking.

Not like I have much of a booty to shake.

So there you go, Derreck. Another update! How cool is that?

Final Ranch Post Repeat

Yep, here we go. Time to rehash the final post to Rancho Relaxo and begin anew here at the Lost Prophyt Blog. This post was simply a picture of me and Jill. Don't we look cute together?

A bit of backstory. This picture is the first one taken of us in the 12 years that we've known each other. It's also the reason Jill finally thinks we look good together. Go figure, took her 12 years to figure that out. Ohy. Oh well, I still love her to death.

The rest of the final post was just ramblings about me never posting anything to the Ranch for like, what, a month? Well, as you can already see, posts are more frequent here at LPB. This is because I don't have to wrestle with archiving each individual post! Rock on! So, enjoy the new blog. Fee free to leave comments...

Whaddaya Think?

Alright. Since I want to break some new ground here, I might as well toss a few ideas out to you, the readership, get some feedback, and see what pops up.

First thing: I'm interested in starting a group blog, and here's what I need. If any of you ever wanted to get into blogging, I reccomend doing so right here on BlogSpot. Sign up, start your own blog, and then contact me at lostprophyt @ gmail . com. Once you have your BlogSpot account, I'll add you to the team list and you can post whatever you want to the team blog. Just a thought.

Also. I'm looking for a temporary host and mirror hosts for the podcast. If you have some spare web server space that's taking up dust, not getting used, and wouldn't mind allocating to my relatively small .ogg podcast files, I'd appreciate it tons. Just contact me at the addy above.

Third, I want to know what you'd like to see in the new blog. More wacky news stories? More political banter? More "Local To Houtzdale" type crap? Or less of this stuff and more of other things? Let me know, aight?

Welcome To A Brave New World

Welcome to my new home. The strains of keeping up with a site like Rancho Relaxo was a little too much, so I figured I'd close it down and move myself somewhere more managable, like Blogspot. Pretty handy when you get down to it, really. I can make posts with email if I so desire, which is pretty handy when I'm on the fly.

So, what will happen to Rancho Relaxo? It will still exist, since some of my other work is dependant on the site location itself. Plus, instead of me working my butt of trying to import all of my previous entries from the last two and a half years, it'll serve as an archive for them. Should you ever want to read them, you'll find the old blog link over there on the right.

Along with the change in blogosphere locale, I'm instituting a podcast. That's right, a podcast. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a few pilot episodes up and going before my plans inadvertantly change for the worse. What will it be about? I dunno, really. I'm going to see if I can score an interview with mc chris when I head down to his show in Pittsburgh on Thursday. If I can score that, then my podcast has purpose! Rock!

So change your bookmarks, folks. Rancho Relaxo has officially closed it's gates, and now come the writings of The Lost Prophyt...

Thursday, December 01, 2005