Monday, August 27, 2007

Multitasking 101

Ever the human multitasker am I, and this post has three bits of news you all might enjoy, depending on your leanings on each matter. And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go!

First up, more on the Corruption in Iraq: Witness some corruption? Blowing the whistle by telling the government? If you do, the government will imprison you and make your life a living hell. Very nice, eh? Fark Thread Here.

GONZO IS GONE-ZO! Yes, Dickhead General Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzalez, the assbag behind the crackdown on our beloved Porn and other such stupid agendas, has finally tended his letter of resignation to the White House. Sadly, he'll probably be replaced by another idiotic, unqualified pundit, but the point is, GONZO IS GONE. That's all that matters! Fark Thread Here (and a big one at that, too).

And finally, this isn't as important, but I figured I should say something about it. In case you might have noticed, I've revamped the blog a bit. Google has implemented some new features for Blogger, and I kinda like them! A quick rundown of improvements:

  1. My individual article pages are fixed, the sidebar has returned! I don't know how I goofed that up before, but that good has since been rectified. Whew!
  2. I've cleaned up the sidebar a bit, too. Blogger now has widgets that allow me to customize what's in what section, as well as what section goes where. The new WYSIWYG editor is pretty OK, I must say!
  3. The introduction of Tags! I was going to try and put these in Rancho Relaxo, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to code them. The switch to Blogger didn't fix that right away, but now that Blogger has tags, I get a tag cloud! That's my shit right there! Now finding posts with certain topics is a breeze instead of digging through the archive. Only drawback: I should probably go back and tag my old entries. That'll take a hot minute...
  4. There are spots to input graphical stuff, so I'll be bringing back my old page graphics from the first design. It'll all be back soon, hopefully, along with some new stuff in the footer and sidebar sections.
Well, that about covers it for today. So go out and raise your glass to the departure of Gonzo! I know I'll be doing something to that effect, minus the alcohol...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Hate To Say I Told You So, But...

Oh yeah, guess who was right all along. Yep, we "crazy liberal pundits," who were "crying wolf and trying to discredit the War on Terror for personal gain," were right. It's not we who are gaining from slandering the war effort. It's we who are pointing out that the other side are the ones manipulating the threads of war for personal gain.

And at the cost of the lives of kids younger than me. Dirty pool, old man.

Read the Rolling Stone article. Join in the discussion in the Fark thread.

Know that the wool has been pulled over your eyes this whole entire time, and your tax dollars are now funding some crook's lavish lifestyle. Know that your kids are dying so some fat cats can line their pockets.

Yeah, it was about money the whole time.

To the 51% of you who just HAD to have Bush as President: Fuck you. Thanks a fucking lot, assholes.