Friday, September 14, 2007

i, reboot (alot)

This morning, while browsing through Fark, I came upon a link on the Geek Tab to an article about the 8 Most Common SciFi Visions of the Future, and why they'll never happen. Given my predisposition to reading and watching a metric ton of SciFi material, I thought it'd be fun. Besides, it's Cracked, that Mad-like sarcasm rag, so you can add the -ny as well.

Just in case you can't guess what my favorite bit is, it's really simple: In the section on Page 2 talking about the Robot Uprising, and the reason why it won't happen. So. Fucking. TRUE.

There's almost a kind of hopeless optimism hidden here. Besides the whole uprising thing, it still implies that mankind was able to, with hardware and software, create a race of beings that are actually way better than humanity. Think about that the next time Windows Vista stops and asks you if it has permission to run a program you just freaking told it to run 4 seconds ago.