Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lord Stanley's Prayer (Pittsburgh Version)

Something I came up with for the Crosby haters on Fark:

Our Crosby, who art in Pittsburgh
Hallowed be thy game
Thy Hat Trick come, Mario's will be done
On the ice as it is in the locker room
Give us this day our Stanley Cup
And forgive us, our trash talking
As we forgive those who trash talk against us
And lead us not into obscurity
And deliver us from Bettman
For thine is the Dynasty, The Power Play, and the Glory
Forever and Ever.
Blasphemy, when used properly, can be a helluvalotta fun...

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Irony

Dear Marion Hossa: SUCK IT! Smooth move, asshat. You wanted to win what? Shoulda stayed in Pittsburgh. Fuckwad!


Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

The Catholic Church LOVES to make people feel guilty.

Well, it's time they felt it themselves. Listen to this man, Michael O'Brien, who spoke up at a recent meeting on Irish National TV (via @denyreligion):

If there was ever a reason for the Catholic Church to be utterly destroyed by the people it claims to protect, this is it.

Because of this, my pride in being Irish American has been damaged, probably beyond repair.


I can't be quiet anymore.

With Christian Extremism in America starting to catch up to other, more recognized forms of extremism, I can't just sit idly by and let them ruin the country I love.

And so, from now on, I feel its my duty as a good, intelligent, non-religious human being to speak out against the fascism of Fundamentalist Christianity and its Extremist "soldiers."

From here on out, Atheism will be a core theme of this blog.

If this pisses you off, sorry, but you need to learn a little tolerance. Just because I don't believe in God, doesn't make me evil.

And quite frankly, if you haven't figured out why I call myself "The Lost Prophyt," it's simple:

Lost is Christianity's perception of me: Since I'm godless, I'm also lost, wandering in the wilderness without God. Quite frankly, I know right where I am, TYVM.

Prophyt is spelled differently to make sure people know the difference between the lunatics that call themselves "prophets" and me, a Prophyt for Secular Humanity.

It's not rocket science.

So, if you don't like it, again, sorry. But if this is right up your alley, then you might be inclined to link to this blog, and to some of the other blogs that I've added to the Good Reads list. You might find that we Atheists aren't the bottom-feeding, godless scum you automatically assume we are.

All Alone, Or In Twos

So yeah. Once or twice a year, I put up a post where I try and elicit comments from readers everywhere, only to get maybe two, and we learn nothing about each other in the process. This post will be another of those.

Only this time, I have an additional perk: Over yonder on the right, just after my Cool Stuff links, sits the newest addition to my +2 Sidebar of Inernet Snazziness, the Live Activity Feed. Powered by a company called Wowzio, it didn't take much to get it running. They only give out 25 invites a day, though, so depending on when you catch them, getting one of your own might prove a small challenge. But hey, why not try, right?

So yeah, now that we can all see ourselves coming and going, wouldn't it be nice if we all stopped in and said hello? Come on, can't be that hard! It's Blogger! It's either Google IDs or an OpenID, it's not like you're going to get spammed to hell, because you're simply not. I'm not a douche like that.

No, I'm a whole other kind of not a douche at all.

All I've ever wanted to know is who reads from where, and why. I know I'm probably pissing alot of people off with my recent Atheism-related Rants, but that's who I am. With the recent rash of Christian and Muslim extremism, I just feel its time to stand up and try to be the unbiased voice of reason, sanity and compassion amid the crossfire of crazy.

So let's hear it, right? Sound off in the comments section! Please? Anyone?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there is a Christian Extremism

This man is Stephen T. Johns. He was a security guard at the DC Holocaust Museum, and was working when James W. von Brunn - a Christian/Neo-Nazi Extremist - walked in and immediately opened fire on the museum. Johns was shot, and later died from his injuries.

This article from the Washington Post offers descriptions of Johns, from those who knew him. What follows are some quotes borrowed from the article:

"A soft-spoken, gentle giant." - Former co-worker Milton Talley

"A wonderful individual . . . a truly jovial human being," - Museum Director Sara J. Bloomfield on Good Morning America

"He was like a Care Bear. He wouldn't harm anybody. Sometimes he was so nice that people would try to take advantage of his niceness." - Friend and former roommate Brian Lennon
As an extra special note that I'd like to point out: Johns was in the process of getting closer to his son, who lives with his mother. This man was trying his best to be the father that all men should be. That was taken away from his son by this heinous act, committed by this man:

Say hello to James W. von Brunn. According to various reports, he is between 87 and 89 years old. He is a World War II veteran. And he is outspoken member of the Aryan Supremacist movement. I would link you to his website, which I viewed myself yesterday after this happened, but it has been taken down, and you're met with a Directory Access Denied message.

What I saw, though, only serves to solidify my belief that Religion is evil. In a constant theme, he's called "a credit to the Christian White race" by a former commanding officer (what are these people doing in the military?!?), and uses that "fact" as justification for his rantings and ravings, usually against the Jewish and Black communities.

He is a Christian Extremist.

That's right, kids, the Muslims aren't the only religion with a lockdown on the Extremist title.

Christian Extremism has been around a very long time, actually. During the crusades, the arrogant European Christian establishment saw themselves so righteous that they just HAD to go and liberate "The Holy Land" from the Infadel Muslims. So, they invaded, and they slaughtered. This act only solidified the Muslim hatred for the Christian Infadels. This dovetails into centuries of violence in the name of God.

Also known as Christian Extremism.

But nobody wants to say those words together. It's almost like its a taboo. "Not Christians," you shout. "Certainly not we who are peaceful and loving in the name of our likewise peaceful and loving God!"

Sorry, kids. But yes, even you "Good Christian People" have your extremist nutjobs. Like James W. von Brunn. Whether you want to admit it or not, your so-called benevolent God has inspired this man - and even more frighteningly, thousands to millions of others - into this mindset. A mindset that has led to the shedding of innocent blood.

Scott Roeder, a Christian Extremist of the anti-abortion variety, gunned down Dr. George Tiller barely two weeks ago. Ironically enough, Tiller was serving as an usher in his Lutheran church when Roeder burst in and gunned him down.

Every abortion clinic bombing or shooting? Christian Extremism.

The violence in Ireland? Christian Extremism. Strangely enough, its basically against other Christians.

It's time that we recognized it for what it is: Christian Extremism.

And as you use Muslim Extremism as a pretense for a general distrust and hatred of pretty much any Arab (or even Indian depending on religious practices), so shall it be used against you. You use their extremism as justification to call them "Pakis," "Towel Heads," "Camel Jockeys..."

With Christian Extremism, according to your logic and justification, we are now in our rights to call YOU names. To discriminate against YOU. Bible Beaters. Jesus Freaks. Lunatics. Madmen. And a whole host of other colorful nicknames that I'm sure my readers can come up with on their own.

Clean up the fringes of your own faith before you condemn the fringes of another.