Friday, November 03, 2006

From Soho Down To Brighton

So anyway, I was talking to Megan tonight (in fact, just about 10 mintues ago), and we got onto the subject of blogs. Of course, this reminded me that, Tuesday night, I had intended to post this entry when I got home. Yes, Megs, another pinball entry. And yes, Megs, I am such a dork.

In a previous entry, I noted that I'd smashed out the high score, finally, at the Twilight Zone pinball game situated between the restroom doors at Electric Avenue. Tuesday night, I completed my pwn4g3 of it by completely taking over the top five scores, including a brand new high! In the same fell swoop, I also managed to knock out a new Lost in the Zone score as well, once again banging out three free credits and most likely frustrating the guy who leases us the machine.

After all, he had again bumped up the replay value, this time to 266,000,000. Sorry, man.

Well, Justin is talking about finally getting a new table in, which makes me happy, because it'll give me a whole new game to learn, play the crap out of, and eventually pwn.

Someday, Megs, you'll come to understand my addiction to the silver ball, even though you'll still probably laugh at me and tell me "You're such a dork." For the record, I love hearing those words...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Good To Be The DJ

And here's why. First, there's me and Carla. Second, there's me and Toni.

Yes, it's VERY good to be the DJ...