Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Heart Flanel

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I'm sorry if I've been a bit bleak these past few months. Recovering from a summer like mine isn't an easy process, I promise you that. But hopefully, when the New Year arrives next week, things will get better.

2006 ranks as the absolute worst year of my life, ever, period. I highly doubt that any other year could ever be as bad as this one was. It's my fondest wish to see it die and wither, fading into a brand new year with a clean slate. With this new year comes the requisite resolutions people often make (and break), but this year, mine are a bit different.

In the meantime, my Christmas was pretty OK. For starters, I got my new computer, which FUCKING ROCKS! It's sooooooo nice to be out of the dark ages (c. 2000) and live in the now. I also made off with a three pack of Lather Thingies (But Ironhead!) and a new headset mic courtesy of Chris and Steph, though it will arrive sometime soon. They ended up printing out a picture of it and writing "Not here yet. Soon, though. Happy Decemberween, Love Chris and Steph."

But the best gift of all came from Mom and Dad, who gave me the most awesome queen size flanel comfortor in history! This thing is friggin HUGE! So warm, so comfy, I love it to death. Thanks, Mom and Dad! You guys ROCK!

Now, all I have to do is survive the New Year...