Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Whoops, sorry about that. Over a week of nothing. For that, I apologize. My bad.

You all know how it is, I'm sure. Life takes over, and the real world takes automatic priority over its virtual counterpart. Raising a one year old is a nifty experience, though not something new to me, thank (insert deity here). Being Dad, however, is a new ballgame, one I seem to be taking to alright. For the practice that I've had over the last 10 years, I have my friends and their kids to thank. Without them, I'd be as clueless as any new father right about now.

Saturday night was the absolute SHIT! Two For Flinching (AKA my good friends Tommy, Chris and Justin) played over at the Avenue, and by golly, they rocked the fucking house. They were much tighter than their previous Avenue show, that's for damned sure.

Chris pulled a surprise on me, though, one that panned out rather well in the end, given the challenge. While I was up on stage doing UKJ's Everything About You, Chris comes over to me and says "Dude, do you know Mother?" Yeah, that Mother. With a smirk like the Cheshire Cat crossing my lips, I gave him the only response appropriate enough for a moment like that.

"Fuck yeah, dude. Rock it."

And rock it we did. In the 17 years since I picked up a guitar, and the 15 years I've been performing in whatever capacity, I gave my best live performance ever. Sorry, Tom, but this beats anything I ever did with Dick Dastardly, even the Culmerville show. When you've got awesome musicians on stage with you (as you were, Tom, don't worry), and the crowd is singing along so loud you can feel them... There's not a feeling like it anywhere on this earth.

As I walked off stage after the song was finished, I wondered to myself - If I can rock a satanic song like that, what could I do with a more sacred tune? No, I answered myself, gotta keep music evil...

After the show, Justin offered to not only make me his drum tech and take me on tour with Not Without Resistance, he also offered to play drums for whatever project I managed to throw together. After half of my life in this god-forsaken business - the business that I love second only to very, very few things on this earth - I finally feel like my dues have been paid. It's time to latch on to this last hope for bigger and better things.

It's time to see if my aging vocal chords can still pay the bills.

If anything, for a little while at least, I'll be able to doll this site up to be a tour blog. Won't that be fun, eh? We'll see what happens. Listen up, America: The Lost Prophyt might be coming to your town, and he'll be bringing some ass-kickin' friends with similarly ass-kicking tunes along with him...

Side: There would have been video of said performance of Mother, but due to Big Jim's speakers being all-powerful, the camera bailed out on Mikey. Oh well, maybe next time, but it'll be hard to top that kind of pure, heavy-duty energy...