Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Overheard In Yahoo Chat #1

If you're dumb enough to post this in a public chatroom, then you should have no qualms about me posting it here, complete with your actual screenname:

steeltonpleasure: hi...asian f 29 in bf cheated on me and im looking for a straight guy or 2 guys to punish him then pleasure me..looking for someone near harrisburg who's looking to meet tonight..well endowed a plus but not necessary...must have pic or cam...have pics here...
Bonus points go to Mrs. Drumline Lucky for not noticing it, even though I was pointing and making a scene in the room.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

When We Live Such Fragile Lives

Most people hate it when they're left in the dark. I'm no exception. You're given little clues, tiny hints, but are never told what goes on behind the scenes, what reasons there are for you to know so very little.

And it makes you think like crazy.

This time, though, I find myself thinking the opposite. This time, I actually kinda like being in the dark.

Where do I stand? I don't know for sure, but I've been given enough information to formulate a guess. The only thing I can come up with, though, I can't confirm. Usually, that drives me damn near to madness. But this time, it makes me smile. Wait, what? Smile? Yes, smile. For once in my life, not knowing has become the most intriguing prospect my brain has ever encountered.

And you won't tell me. Why do I like that notion?

You've allowed me into a very intimate place in your world. The things you've shared with me aren't to be taken lightly at all. Its an honor to be invited into such a place, to share with you things you don't normally share with anyone else. And not knowing the real reason why you've done this... Well, let's just say it keeps me guessing, wondering...


All I have to go on are your smiles, your playful refusal to answer most of my questions, and of course, more of those little clues that you drop for me to pick up on.

If it's your goal to make me think about you all the time, you've reached it. But what is your next goal? How much more will I be allowed to know? And when will you fill me in on my part in this game? Questions that might not have answers right away, I know.

But why do I like that fact?

You said you want to learn about me. Well, here it is: My life, an open book, even though some of the pages are edited for public consumption. After all, who has to know, right? ;) The only ones who have to know are you and I. You already know the worst of me. Now, you have an open invitation to discover the best of me, and you can find it all on these very pages. You are forever welcome to ask me any question, no matter how personal, and I will answer with 100% honesty to the best of my ability.

An access road, an entire township, and two people in the entire world who know what that means. Just promise me that this game doesn't have a defined ending yet, and I'll be willing to play for keeps.

Don't tell anyone...