Friday, September 25, 2009

A Promise Mended

A little exposition on my For Teh Boobies post from earlier this week...

When I was 11 years old, my Godmother, Mardine Zazworsky, lost a long fight with breast cancer.

Aunt Mardine was one of those people who just personified what good is. She was kind, generous, loving, open, honest, friendly, compassionate, empathic (but not in a Marina Sirtis c.1987 way), and she always had a smile on her face. Everyone who knew her, by default, pretty much became a better person themselves in a small way. She had that effect on people, which only served to add to just how genuinely awesome she really was.

But then, of course, she came down with breast cancer.

Now there's a disease (along with cancers of all types) that no one should ever have to suffer from. Your own body effectively turns against itself: Cells mutate and grow, sucking bodily resources, crowding out and killing off healthy cells. It's a nightmare. And the treatment options aren't much better: Radiation, chemo, drug after drug after drug.

Back then, in the late 80s, cancer treatment was nowhere near what it is today, but even though we've come along a bit, watching a cancer victim suffer isn't pretty. Aunt Mardine was in a hospital bed that sat in her living room for the last few months of her life. For 11 year old Me, that was hard to see. It tore me apart that here was one of the most wonderful women in the world, saddled with the worst disease mankind has ever come to know.

Before she died, she told my mother that she had one request for me: That I get closer to God. She'd hoped her dying wish would turn me closer to the Church.

It feels kind of shitty, but when my mom told me that, I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, Mom, but I can't do that. I just watched one of the most awesome people on this Earth suffer through this Earth's worst disease. There is no way I can believe in a God that would allow that to happen." I had no choice - My Aunt's suffering was the final nail in religion's coffin for me.

For the first few months after she died, that conflict made me a wreck. All the evidence in front of me was taking me in the opposite direction from where Aunt Mardine wanted me to go. My disenchantment with religion was too strong for me to accept the wishes of someone I loved and cared about very much. This would be the first real conflict I would face as an Atheist, and it took me a while to come up with a way to make it work in my own mind.

Instead of heeding my Aunt Mardine's wishes to get closer to God, I would skirt God altogether and decide for a more direct approach: I would honor my Aunt Mardine's life and struggle in any way I could. Thus began my involvement with charity organizations like Relay for Life.

Since then, I've participated in several Relay events, and donated time for others. For me, it keeps my Aunt Mardine's memory alive in my heart and mind in a vivid and very real way. I've talked with sufferers and survivors about her life and what kind of Godmother she was to me. I've found that, even through simply talking about her life, she still has that same effect on folks that she did during the better years of her life.

Even today, as Aunt Mardine's daughter Janine emerges as a breast cancer survivor, I continue to support any cause aimed at eradicating this horrible illness. If I walk, their names are on my wristband. If I donate, it is in their names. And if I speak out, their names are never far from my lips as I tell their stories of tragedy and triumph in the hopes that it will help inspire the end of the nightmare that is cancer.

And imagine that: My commitment to a secular mode of thinking and living actually drove me to do good things. Maybe we're not such heathens after all if we can do such things in someone's memory, and do them out of pure, real, unbridled love...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After The Rain

So, the whole thing is over. At round 10:30 this morning, Michael Rodriguez - escaped Clearfield County Jail inmate and fugitive for a little over 18 hours - blew through a roadblock in a stolen pick-up, busted his tires over spike strips, and crashed into an embankment.


The media is only reporting that Rodriguez was injured, but able to walk to the staging area for LifeFlight. This is nothing compared to what I've heard: Rodriguez was indeed injured. I've heard broken legs and broken ankles, but in either case, something's broken.

Now, if Rodriguez is suffering from even one broken leg/ankle, he's also been through a pretty nerve-racking ordeal, and probably would have not been in any condition to put up any resistance.

And yet, I've been told that Rodriguez was forcibly removed from the pick-up, slammed to the ground face first - hard - and a boot was put into his neck - right after he was in a fairly nasty crash. Any emergency services worker on the planet will tell you that just moving an accident victim is tricky business and shouldn't be done lightly.

Furthermore, I've also been told that they spent a moment beating Rodriguez up a bit, probably to "teach him to not run again." After all, he had the gall to break out of jail and cause them to do their jobs! Oh noes!

After all that, he was then forced to walk UP A HILL to the extraction area where LifeFlight would take him to the hospital. So that's a reported two broken legs/ankles, one rough trip out of the vehicle, one rough meeting between ground and face, one boot to the neck to hold him down, a bit of the old Rodney King treatment, and then a Green Mile march up a fucking hill to the landing zone.

Something is seriously wrong here, people.

For the folks coming to this site from Buffalo: Obviously, you either know or know of Rodriguez, otherwise you wouldn't be searching for him. Whatever you do, don't stay quiet. Don't let Bill Shaw and the local authorities bully you. Speak up. Demand an investigation.

While Rodriguez was a sick puppy (burglary and assaulting his ex-girlfriend, among a probable laundry list of other violent crimes), no person deserves to be fucked with like that, especially after an accident. Seriously: What if Rodriguez died as a result of direct police action AFTER the crash? This place would make national news in a heartbeat if that had happened.

Thankfully, he's still alive as of yet, and the national eye can still be turned this way. If there's even a hint of possible police brutality, fan that motherfucker until the flames grow too high to not be noticed.

Clearfield County has long been in need of a good housecleaning: The corrupt elements here would surprise you. This is the second escape in three years from Clearfield County Jail: Sam Lombardo's job is in trouble, as are those of whatever COs were on duty at the time. And if local and State police are involved in any brutality, that creates a seperate fire. If the two meet and begin burning as one, then you just might see comissioners, attorneys, and judges in the other public eye: the one that doesn't like you or what you're doing very much at all.

As local residents, we have the right to know just what the hell is going on with the people we trust to protect us. If they're doing stuff that made national pariahs out of so many before them, then we need to know about it, and we need to make it stop. We need to weed out the corrupt and arrogant elements of our own local government if we even think we have a chance at making it as a community.

Otherwise, we'll still be overseen by incompetent fools who think it's all just a popularity contest and an easy paycheck at the expense of the "little people..."

CCJ Escapee: The Story Thus Far + Local Media Commentary

If you're here for just the story and not the commentary, scroll down to the big orange OK. Otherwise, some commentary:

Well well well. It looks like, apart from WQYX/WCPA (who originally reported the story locally over the air but not online) and WOKW (who first reported the inmate's capture), everybody's late to the party. Boy, it's a good thing SOMEONE was covering this story as it unfolded! Because then everyone would have to wait for these lame fuckers to get with the program and tell them what's going on.

From WJAC 6 in Johnstown, PA - who hadn't even heard this story until I called them - comes this little blurb on their website, including some of their news video. Yesterday, it was reported that WJAC's crew on the scene was pissing authorities off by not remaining in the designated press staging area. We figure that, since they were late to the game, they were trying to play catch-up by bending the rules and trying for a scoop. They're reporting that Rodriguez was injured but able to walk to the ambulance, which conflicts with my reports of Rodriguez's legs being barely able to bend correctly, let alone carry him up a hill. They also give the new location of Lecontes Mills, where the police began chasing him towards his fate on 879.

WTAJ 10 out of Altoona, PA has an article on their big advertising behemoth of a shit-tastic website, confirming that Rodriguez is, in fact, from Buffalo, NY (which would explain the big influx of traffic to my site from that area via Google searches), and reports that the time of capture as 10:30am. WTAJ was aware of the story when I called, and had dispatched reporter Danielle Kraut to the scene, who filed reports via phone on last evening's newscast.

Also on deck is the "blog" (another Blogger account, no less) of a so-called News Radio station, WESB 1490AM out of Bradford, PA (greetings to my friends there). Hahaha. Like WTAJ, they have a main Website that's totally ad-saturated, and doesn't have much content of interest at all.

One of my Twitter rivals, the Centre Daily Times (news rag out of State College, PA), has pretty much been silent on the whole story. That's some fine reporting there, Lou. Not one single tweet of theirs had anything to do with this story: They were more concerned about the tragic accidental death of a Penn State student (alcohol was a factor) and more bullshit Homeland Security nonsense about those ever-so-scary turr'sts.

(Note: I am in no way trying to marginalize the tragedy befalling Joseph Dado. It is a sad story indeed, and my sympathies are with his family and friends.)

What's the point of all this ranting? To illustrate the absolute and utter failure of the local news media - including affiliates from all the major networks - to inform the people in a timely manner. They failed to take advantage of the technology they obviously spend lots of money on, just to make look nice and generate ad revenue, apparently. They failed to use the Internet - the ultimate 24 hour, up-to-the-nanosecond communications tool - to inform people of updates. Instead, rumor and hearsay most likely dominated the conversations of people not looking to THIS FUCKING STUPID BLOG for their information.

How the hell did one kid, whom quite a number of people think of as innocuous and somewhat incapable of much, beat the absolute snot out of you when it came to coverage? That's a question I'd like answered, really. Why is it that you all have so much money and so many resources, yet one guy with a few friends and tools available cheaply to the common citizen beat you to the punch and DID YOUR JOB FOR YOU?!? Today, the local news media - if they can be called that, receives a big fat red F- for their absolute FAIL at keeping residents informed of what was obviously a very dangerous situation. You people should just resign and let a whole new team in now. Shame on you.


OK, here we go, piecing together the whole story from start to finish. The source for this info is by way of both PSP and Lawrence Township police departments:

Around 2pm yesterday, Michael Rodriguez escaped Clearfield County Jail (CCJ) by crawling under the frist yard fence, then climbing over the second. After a brief run-around, he stole the truck you saw in the previous photos from Megan and Missy, from some New York area workers who were running into a Cogos for a second, leaving their keys in the truck and allowing Rodriguez to nab it.

At some point, Rodriguez contacted a girlfriend he had in the DuBois area and was trying to get to her place. Unbeknowest to him, she was on the horn with PSP, telling them where he was and what his intentions were.

PSP and LTPD set up a roadblack with spike strips along the Shawville-Croft Highway, or State Route 879, north of Clearfield in front of the home of Sean Owens. Owens stated that you could hear the truck coming up the highway, and he had to have been doing at least 120. He hit the spike strips, lost control, and crashed at the turn shown in the photos Missy sent.

Due to the crash, Rodriguez is reported to have broken both of his legs (reports have also stated ankles). Despite this, PSP and LTPD forcibly removed him from the vehicle, slammed his face onto the ground, and someone put a boot on his neck while he was down. After this, despite the broken legs, police forced him to walk up the hill, where he was later airlifted to an unknown hospital.

Police are still searching the area along the chase route for a reported firearm, as well as impounding and searching the truck that Rodriguez stole.
Crazy, eh? A wee bit of police brutality? I think so! Even though this guy was clearly a dangerous and incredibly stupid individual, having two broken legs after a roadblock crash will certainly diminish your ability to do any sort of fighting back, thus eliminating the need for excessive force.

If these reports are true, PSP and LTPD - as well as any other agencies involved - could be in some serious trouble. Stay tuned. As I learn more, I'll be sure to post it here for all of you.

Escapee Wakeup Update - SUSPECT CAUGHT

UPDATE 11:55AM: More pictures from the accident scene from my EMS-related source:

I'm also gathering more of the complete story from the scene, I'll have that as soon as I compile it! Thanks to both Missy and Megan for contributions! You ladies ROCK!

UPDATE 11:45AM: Contacted WOKW about the press conference, which is apparently not open to the public. Crap.

The bigger news is the update coming in from the scene: Rodriguez was indeed in the accident: He stole the truck from a local resident who went into CoGos for a soda. He broke both of his ankles in the accident and was LifeFlighted to a hospital (unknown which one, probably Altoona). He also put his head through the windshield.

There's also talk of his Girlfriend (identity unknown) ratting him out to police, telling them where he was and what his plans were.

But the biggest update of all is a report, however unsubstantiated, that police (unsure as to which agency) beat the heck out of Rodriguez prior to him receiving medical treatment.

That's right: After the guy got into a wreck smashing through a roadblock, putting his head through the windshield and broke both ankles requiring an airlift to a hospital, Police kicked the crap out of him, probably out of frustration.

More coming, this isn't over yet. Pics in a few!

: Late-to-the-game local joke-of-a-radio station WOKW (102.9FM) is reporting that this accident was indeed CCJ Escapee Michael Rodriguez, and that PSP has in fact apprehended him as a result:

The search has ended for the inmate that escaped from the Clearfield County Jail Tuesday afternoon, Michael Rodriguez was taken into custody earlier this morning. Earlier today the escapee, Michael Rodriguez was being pursued by authorities as he was driving a stolen heavy duty pickup truck heading back towards Clearfield along State Route 879. Law enforcement officials deployed spike strips and the Rodriguez vehicle hit the strips and crashed into an embankment a short distance later. Michael Rodriguez was apprehended and flown to an area hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash. A press conference will be held this afternoon so keep it tuned to OK 102.9 for updates.
Now, first of all, WOKW needs to get into the 21st century and come up with a better web page. Secondly, this should bring to a close the events of the last 24 hours. It's been a wild ride. Kudos to the Pennsylvania State Police for their hard work in bringing this dangerous fugitive back into custody.

I wish I could say the same to Sam Lombardo... Wait, no I don't. This is the second escape from CCJ in three years, and quite frankly, I think Lombardo should be fired and replaced (and not from within). I think I might head to this press conference that OK102.9 is talking about, take my video camera, and ask a few questions of my own.

Yep, might have press video and clips that the 'majors' won't let you see. Stay tuned, kids!

UPDATE 11:12AM: Another picture from Missy, this time showing the truck involved in the accident. As you can see, it matches the report of the gray truck that Rodriguez reportedly stole and used to try and flee the area. Still nothing solid on him, though, so stay with us for updates.

This has been an interesting story to cover so far, especially given the failure of even the local media - let alone the 'majors' - to cover this story with any depth and timliness. Sad.

UPDATE 11:05AM: The first picture from the 879 Accident Scene, from Missy. She can't get too close, but just around the corner is where the action is. Still no confirmations as of yet on any information regarding Rodriguez, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know what's what!

: I've just been informed that a friend of the site is headed to the accident scene now, and will be providing photos soon. Granted, they'll be mobile phone photos, but in the age of cell phone journalism, that will be gold. Also, still no real confirmation on the previous report, although it did come from the same source headed to the scene, and I trust her quite well. Stay tuned, folks, this thing could have an ending very soon...

: I've just recieved word that PSP has caught up with Rodriguez on the Shawville-Croft Highway (SR 879 north of Clearfield). A report has just come in from a source close to emergency crews who were just called to an accident there. Apparently, a roadblock was set up, and someone believed to be Rodriguez crashed through it, initiating the accident. There's also a report that Rodriguez is in custody, and at some point, was shot. This is all just early stuff, so don't take it as fact just yet. I'm working on confirming everything as fast as I can...

Well, it's morning, and apart from Missy waking me up with one of the stupidest forwards ever, she also sent along word that PSP is chasing a stolen gray pickup (I'm noticing a theme here, maybe he's a Counting Crows fan). The person driving is reported to be armed, and police do believe that it could be Clearfield County Jail escapee Michael Rodriguez. I can't really confirm this right now, since my scanner source isn't quite with it yet this morning.

Gant Daily has a basic update, with pretty much a recap of what the "majors" have been reporting. According to them, Rodriguez is still on the loose and possibly looking for transportation. I'll see what I can dig up (now that I'm awake, thanks Missy :P) and update as the day goes along...

Overnight Filler

For those coming in looking for info on Michael Rodriguez, the Clearfield County Jail escapee, welcome! My name is Eric, and I'm just a guy with some friends who did some simple, legal snooping and came up with what you're here for, found below in These Two posts. The second of those links is the most up-to-date as far as info is concerned, as of the time of this post.

As for the current moment, there's nothing really new to report, other than I've had some real FAIL moments typing on Twitter as the night has worn on. Totally unrelated to this whole thing, I know, but oh well. Here's a recap of everything we know to this point:

Around 2pm on Tuesday, September 22nd 2009, 32 year old Clearfield County Jail inmate Michael Rodriguez - incarcerated for a burglary in the DuBois, PA area - escaped by working his way under CCJ's yard fences somehow.

Rodriguez, from New York (Buffalo, apparently), is described as 6'0" tall, brown hair and eyes, 180lbs, large build and a tattoo on his neck. He is said to have a history of violent crimes, and is considered a serious threat to the population. The search for him has extended into the area surrounding US Route 322 west of Clearfield, PA, towards the community of Woodland, PA.

Officially, Pennsylvania State Police are searching by ground with K9 units and other units from Centre County. They also have a chopper with night vision equipment in the air. According to major sources, PSP may be scaling back ground efforts for the night.

And now, what the "major" media hasn't told you:

The search began in the county's cornfield site near the jail itself, where we have heard reports that a pair of glasses were found.

Not long afterward, a gray sweatshirt - matching that which an inmate would be permitted to wear inside CCJ - was found near a shed, which Rodriguez apparently broke into. This is the probable source for any weapons he may have, and speculation has ranged from screwdrivers to hammers to bladed tools, anything light and effective.

Some time on, fresh footprints were twice found - first near the Susquehanna River, and then reportedly near a residence.

After a few hours, the reports came in that the search was expanding to the small community of Shawville, PA, in the neighborhood of Stiner Road. During this time, PSP units searching the area reported a possible sighting of a suspicious individual both near the bridge (from civilians) and on a hill near Stiner Road (by PSP themselves), but no contact or positive ID was made in either instance.

Also during that time, the first word of a woman by the last name of Mack [sic?] who claimed to have been in contact with Rodriguez's cellmate came over the scanner. The cellmate apparently had information on possible outside assistance given to the fugitive from people in the Clearfield Area.

In an odd twist (to us, at least), a report came over the air that there was a possible sighting of Rodriguez at the Uni-Mart in Curwensville, PA, ~10 miles from the previous possible sighting in the Shawville area. Although Uni-Mart has security cameras at that location, no further reports came in about the matter.

A brief report came from County Control who relayed information from a citizen about a possible hiding place at a train tunnel somewhere in the local area (which I'm not really familiar with, but possibly near Curwensville or Shawville). At this time, we figured that if the possibility of help were in fact true, then those helpers could be making false tips to throw the search effort off.

(Honestly, we believe that thinking on that level is beyond the average Clearfield County resident - especially those willing to help an escapee and risk state time themselves - but it wouldn't surprise me if it was indeed possible for his help to think outside the box like that.)

In the latest update we have, we learned that PSP had made contact with the cellmate/stool pigeon, and have probably spent the past few hours talking to him and gathering whatever information they can, none of which we've heard at this point.

At this point, this is all we know.
At any rate, if you live in the area, PSP is advising all residents to lock everything that can be locked and keep your house lights on to discourage Rodriguez should he decide to try and attack a home or vehicle.

If you have any information, forget contacting me, first you should call PSP's Woodland Barracks at (814) 857-3800. THEN contact me. We want to see how this all plays out as much as you do, but you have to play within the bounds of both the law and ethical journalism.

In the meantime, I think it's time for me to retire for the night as well. Stay safe, Central PA. And thanks to everyone who's been reading throughout the day/night. Come in for the details the "majors" won't give you (yet), stay for the nostalgia and reaction-inducing socio-political commentary!

For Teh Boobies

In memory of my Godmother, Mardine Zazworsky, taken from us way too soon 20 years ago by the scourge that is Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer affects men, too, so even our boobies are at risk. As such, to show solidarity with the Twitter Breast Cancer Awareness movement known as #boobiewednesday, here is my avatar for the next 24 hours. Thanks to @kzookris!

Whatever you can do locally or nationally to help fight this disease, please: Do it. Let's kill this thing before it kills more of us.

The Real Triad of Corruption

Clickey make biggie go pop-pop. In the words of a great Fictional American - "That's all I have to say about that."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCJ Escapee Post 2: Electric Boogaloo

UPDATE 12:25 AM: As you'd expect, it's getting a bit late here, so reports are going to be slow coming in. There's word of PSP scaling back outdoor searching. Probably because of the new information from the woman and pigeon cellmate at CCJ. The possible sighting in Curwensville was around 9:30pm, and has been unconfirmed as of yet.

We're guessing that, if the CCJ celly is right and he's had help from the Clearfield area, then it's very possible that he could have in fact gone to the Uni-Mart and then got himself the hell out of Dodge.

Meantime, unless Jester falls asleep at the wheel (which he just might), he'll be texting me any available information as he gets it. Also, welcome to everyone coming in and reading. In case you're wondering how I have more information than, say, Gant Daily or WTAJ or whoever: Anybody with access to a scanner and the internet (and in our case, communication tools like Yahoo Messenger and Texting) can do this with a little conviction and effort.

And obviously, they can do it more detailed than any "major news" site, hands down. We may not have exclusive video or anything like that, but everybody has limits at times.

P.S. Hi, Meg, Missy and friends! Surprise: Eric has his uses after all...


UPDATE 11:50 PM: PSP has made contact with Rodriguez's cellmate at CCJ. As reported earlier, PSP recieved a tip from a woman who claimed to have contact with the cellmate, and information on possible help from sources in Clearfield. Developing, stick with this blog or follow my #PAfugitive trending topic on Twitter.

(Fun trivia: The update is orange because that's the color of CCJ jumpers. If they're not old and FUBAR)


Alright, updates as WTAJ in Altoona broadcasts this as its lead story. Meanwhile, Gant Daily finally has a story online. Meantime, to give you a more personal perspective on the story, here's the latest reported search area, via PSP on the scanner.

Rodriguez was thought to be sighted here, in Shawville, PA (clicky make biggie pop). However, it has also come to our attention that PSP has been in contact with a woman who claims she's had contact with Rodriguez's cellmate at CCJ: Apparently, there's information on possible assistance from some people in the Clearfield Area.

Right now, there are roadblocks set up all over the place, and PSP is also checking into local motels in the area (uh oh). And to correct my earlier post, Rodriguez is 32, not 26. Description is still the same, and thanks to Gant Daily, we now have his recent CCJ booking photo to replace that ugly one that was txt'd to me earlier by Missy: WTAJ initially ran that photo as well. PSP has stated that he is indeed believed to be from New York, although Buffalo (as we've heard) hasn't been specifically mentioned. Judging by the live update stats, though, I've had several hits from that specific area, so it's highly likely people there have heard of Rodriguez's exploits.

(Heh. Welcome, Buffalo folk.! My Uncle Roul used to live on Grand Island. Nice city you have!)

So far, he's broken into a shed, which is near where a gray sweatshirt was found, which means Rodriguez is probably armed with some sort of tools, none of them good since he's in a desperate situation.

Police are warning residents in the area to lock everything and leave lights on to deter Rodriguez from trying to make things worse by taking a person or family hostage. Good advice. Meantime, don't try to approach the subject - although personally, if you're highly trained and match or exceed his size, then by all means end this nightmare.

And speaking of nightmares, how well is Sam Lombardo sleeping tonight? This happened on his watch, probably while he was in the building (which he is from 8am to 5pm most days). Honestly, I hope this costs him quite a bit of standing. From personal experience...


There's just been a possible sighting at the UniMart in Curwensville, PA, the complete opposite direction from the above search area. More forthcoming. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @lostprophyt for up to the second knowledge...

UPDATE: Here's a map of the possible sighting in Curwensville, PA. The Uni-Mart at State St. and Filbert St. (basically C-Ville's main intersection) is equipped with security cameras, so we may have photos of the scene soon.

The general consensus amongst my little news enclave here in the area is that, if Rodriguez has help, his help may be calling in false tips. That's just speculation on our part, though, so don't take it as gospel. It would, however, explain the disparaging distance (almost 10 miles) between the above map and this one...

CCJ Escapee Post

Well, I beat all four major network affiliates, even had the booking photo before them. So, to compliment my speed, here's a recap so far:

Here's our boy: Michael Rodriguez. Apparently 26 32, 6'0", 180 lbs, large frame, and booked into CCJ on August 10th on Burglary charges. Yeah, he looks like a smart cookie, doesn't he. We're not sure when the breakout happened, or exactly how it happened, but we know that he somehow negotiated the yard fences at CCJ. He's reported to still be wearing his orange CCJ jumpsuit (all of which are in crap shape, trust me), although chances are he ditched that rather quickly and they haven't found it.

Thanks to Google Maps, here's CCJ's close-up. He's most likely to have escaped from the East Yard, as that's the side of the jail where they keep those inmates not eligible for work release, or are considered too dangerous. The West Side is work release and low-risk inmates. The fence system for both yards is the same: Two for each yard, 20 ft. high, topped by razor wire and with an approximately 10-15 foot wide guard path (with central shack) between them. These shacks are typically unused, and only one camera watches each yard from the interior of the jail.

How he got over (or under) these fences is the question on my mind, along with will Warden Sam Lombardo (who is a jackass, I might add) catch hell for the escape on his watch. I hope so, because as both a warden and as a person, Sam Lombardo fails.

And here is the larger search area so far. Top left is CCJ, bottom right is the WalMart distribution center on the hill overlooking Woodland, near I-80. There have been reports of footprints found near the river, and near a residence, which is near the Lock Haven University Clearfield campus above-left of center. Glasses were said to be found somewhere here, as well as a grey sweatshirt (which is likely the suspects, as it conforms to CCJ's inmate dress code) near Mountain Laurel Nursing Home, located next to the Clearfield Mall in the top left of the image.

Thanks to my eyes and ears - Jester and Melissa - I've managed to stay connected to the police scanner and get info like the booking photo. Without them, I'd just be a kid in a motel room making blind guesses. Thanks, you two!

They've kept me up to date quite well: Centre County PSP and officials have been called in to assist, and PSP has a chopper (with night vision) in the air and K9 units on the ground sniffing about. They also state that Rodriguez may be armed (with a screwdriver) and have access to transportation, but these are unsubstantiated.

I've been tweeting this, so if you want quick updates, follow @lostprophyt on there.

And to all the local media outlets: You guys suck. Obviously, I can do your job better, and with limited resources, sitting in a shoddy motel room with just a computer and a phone. Get with the program.