Saturday, September 29, 2007

These Sleeping Dogs Wont Lie

You know, all this video I've posted up here, and not once have I posted any of the solo performances I have stashed. Kinda funky for it being my blog, eh? Oh well. I like to spread the love around, hence the inclusion of the two "duets" that I posted recently. Anywho, here's me at Electric Avenue singing Dirty Little Secret by AAR. And in case you missed them, scroll down or Click Here for my full list of crazy, wacky, insane and just plain silly videos...

"I need to make a 3D scanner." "Got Milk?"

Yeah, OK. So this guy, he builds a 3D scanner out of LEGOs, Milk, a Webcam and a Bowl. Now that's some creative stuff right there. Think I'm insane? Well, here's a vid of how it's done, and the obligatory link to the orignal article...

I Can Has LOLCats?

It's been a hot minute since I posted any LOLCats, so since it's Caturday, here's a couple from our friends at I Can Has Cheezburger...




Yes, it's a silly meme, I know. But it's too damn cute...

RB338 2.0

Took a look at my ClusterMap today, and boy howdy was I surprised...

The big dot covers my local area, more or less, and the hits up the northeast coastline are fairly regular. Florida is most likely Tom, and there are a couple of possibilities for the Michigan hits that I won't discuss in detail right now. The ones that get me are:

Central Flyover States - Wow. Who's out there in the cornfields reading my crap? Cool. Guess people in the Land of Checkerboard Road Layouts actually think some of what I have to say is good enough to read. Hawesome. Welcome aboard!

Nordic Fence Sitters - Now, I don't know if any of you can tell, but those dots (yes, there are two, one is underneath and slightly southwest of the other one, it makes the border look thicker than normal) seem to sit right smack on the Straight of Denmark/Western Baltic Sea area. Is that Sweden, Denmark, or both? Whoever it is, Hi! I used to have a pen pal in Sweden, went by the name of Martina. That'd be neat if it was her, but I think she'd at least break down and leave a comment.

Sri Lanka - Say that again? Who in Sri Lanka is visiting? My inner fanboy is slaivating like a Trekkie in line to meet Shatner at the thought of maybe, just maybe, Arthur C. Clarke (who resides on Sri Lanka) has come to read my blog for some wild reason. Doubtful, but a fun thought either way. Greetings are in order no matter who it is!

Once upon a time, I had a website read by people from all over the world. I got emails and comments from all over the place (especially The Netherlands, big hello to Sjord if you're still out there, my friend!), and it was a really neat feeling. I'd like to recapture that if I could.

No matter where you're from, I highly encourage you to leave comments. Let me know where you're from, what brought you here, what you think, anything at all. People who read my senseless drivel have to be an interesting bunch. That, or you have many, many grains of salt to spare, I don't know.

The whole reason I put my life and my stories on the Internet is to share them with the world at large, or whatever small portion of it deems my stuff read-worthy. It's been an honor to have been read by such a diverse cross-section of the human race. But in order to share, you need other people. So, stand and be counted, my friends and my enemies alike.

Life is a case study in people. The more you encounter, the more you learn about what it means to be human, and to live in this day and age. People are made up of little bits and pieces of all of the other folks they encounter. From some, we adopt mannerisms. From others, stupid little sayings (thanks, Justin). Still more give us beliefs, and some give us senses of style and taste. We take these things and assemble them to create who we are as individuals, while still maintaining a sense of belonging to the greater world around us. All without really realizing it.

Some of you get something from me when you read this blog. Those of you who read, and that I know personally, have each given me something as well. It's those of you out there, beyond the confines of this backwards little Blue State, that I'm interested in learning about...

Friday, September 28, 2007

20,000 Lines of Resolution

If you can tell me where that post title comes from, not only will I give you $10, but I'll laude you on this blog for being the ultimate 80s pop culture guru.

Anyway, just in case you all couldn't get enough, here's plenty more video goodness from yet another night of Karaoke insanity at Electric Avenue. On today's menu, we've got Andy singing Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Fred singing Plush, our newest crew member Joe doing Piano Man, and me with Nikki, singing We're Not Gonna Take It. Scroll, Click, Watch, Enjoy, Repeat!

Andy - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Fred - Plush

Joe - Piano Man

Eric and Nikki - We're Not Gonna Take It

In just about a week, my channel has damn near tripled in size. Awesomeness. Expect lots more YouTube-y stuff from this blog in the near future...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fred on "Fred"

There is no greater question on the minds of the regulars at Electric Avenue's Karaoke nights than the conundrum that is "Fred:" What is it that makes him attract people like he does? We know he's a good guy, it's why we all hang out with him. But what the hell is it that draws people to him so much? Why do the have this insatiable desire to be part of his world, part of his supposed mythos?

I asked this question of Fred one night after Karaoke, and this was his response...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

YouTube Video 2: Electric Boogaloo

In all, eight new videos made their way to my YouTube Channel yesterday, a most proficient day indeed. First video I've posted in five months, really, since the last time I fucked with Justin. Four of these are Karaoke performances from Thursday night, three are what I'll call "Fun With Andy and Fred," and one is the fifth episode of Employee Vs. Boss! Quite the breakdown. Well, I posted Fred's song yesterday, so today I'll throw up two more performances, as well as a favorite from FWA&F. Heh. Fwaaf. What a title for a show...

Andy Sings Take On Me by A-Ha

Andy and I Sing Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog

Yeah, Justin had to actually clear the stage for us to sing that. People + Alcohol = Douchbaggary... Anyway, here's "What Would Andy Say?"