Wednesday, April 02, 2008


So I'm hanging out with Justin and the Bob Guy a few nights ago, chilling out in the back house of the Electric Avenue complex. Out of nowhere, Justin says to me, "Hey, E-Rock, a friend of that Mike Wills guy took some video of you singin' up at the bowling alley and put it on YouTube."

First of all, Mike Wills is a fellow qualifier in the contest being held at the lanes, and he's a damn fine singer in his own right. Second, I had no clue that anyone there was taking any video whatsoever, so this came as a surprise for sure. So, of course, I hit the YouTube search box and proceeded to pour through about two weeks of video to find the clip. Here it is:

I'm singing Piano Man, my "signature song" if you ask alot of people. It wasn't my competition song, thank the maker (remember, my teeth took a dive on the last note of that song), but it's still a decent clip. The audio is surprisingly good, given where this person was sitting when they shot the video. Thanks, whoever you are!

PS: The video can also be found via my Favorites section on my YouTube Channel.