Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCJ Escapee Post 2: Electric Boogaloo

UPDATE 12:25 AM: As you'd expect, it's getting a bit late here, so reports are going to be slow coming in. There's word of PSP scaling back outdoor searching. Probably because of the new information from the woman and pigeon cellmate at CCJ. The possible sighting in Curwensville was around 9:30pm, and has been unconfirmed as of yet.

We're guessing that, if the CCJ celly is right and he's had help from the Clearfield area, then it's very possible that he could have in fact gone to the Uni-Mart and then got himself the hell out of Dodge.

Meantime, unless Jester falls asleep at the wheel (which he just might), he'll be texting me any available information as he gets it. Also, welcome to everyone coming in and reading. In case you're wondering how I have more information than, say, Gant Daily or WTAJ or whoever: Anybody with access to a scanner and the internet (and in our case, communication tools like Yahoo Messenger and Texting) can do this with a little conviction and effort.

And obviously, they can do it more detailed than any "major news" site, hands down. We may not have exclusive video or anything like that, but everybody has limits at times.

P.S. Hi, Meg, Missy and friends! Surprise: Eric has his uses after all...


UPDATE 11:50 PM: PSP has made contact with Rodriguez's cellmate at CCJ. As reported earlier, PSP recieved a tip from a woman who claimed to have contact with the cellmate, and information on possible help from sources in Clearfield. Developing, stick with this blog or follow my #PAfugitive trending topic on Twitter.

(Fun trivia: The update is orange because that's the color of CCJ jumpers. If they're not old and FUBAR)


Alright, updates as WTAJ in Altoona broadcasts this as its lead story. Meanwhile, Gant Daily finally has a story online. Meantime, to give you a more personal perspective on the story, here's the latest reported search area, via PSP on the scanner.

Rodriguez was thought to be sighted here, in Shawville, PA (clicky make biggie pop). However, it has also come to our attention that PSP has been in contact with a woman who claims she's had contact with Rodriguez's cellmate at CCJ: Apparently, there's information on possible assistance from some people in the Clearfield Area.

Right now, there are roadblocks set up all over the place, and PSP is also checking into local motels in the area (uh oh). And to correct my earlier post, Rodriguez is 32, not 26. Description is still the same, and thanks to Gant Daily, we now have his recent CCJ booking photo to replace that ugly one that was txt'd to me earlier by Missy: WTAJ initially ran that photo as well. PSP has stated that he is indeed believed to be from New York, although Buffalo (as we've heard) hasn't been specifically mentioned. Judging by the live update stats, though, I've had several hits from that specific area, so it's highly likely people there have heard of Rodriguez's exploits.

(Heh. Welcome, Buffalo folk.! My Uncle Roul used to live on Grand Island. Nice city you have!)

So far, he's broken into a shed, which is near where a gray sweatshirt was found, which means Rodriguez is probably armed with some sort of tools, none of them good since he's in a desperate situation.

Police are warning residents in the area to lock everything and leave lights on to deter Rodriguez from trying to make things worse by taking a person or family hostage. Good advice. Meantime, don't try to approach the subject - although personally, if you're highly trained and match or exceed his size, then by all means end this nightmare.

And speaking of nightmares, how well is Sam Lombardo sleeping tonight? This happened on his watch, probably while he was in the building (which he is from 8am to 5pm most days). Honestly, I hope this costs him quite a bit of standing. From personal experience...


There's just been a possible sighting at the UniMart in Curwensville, PA, the complete opposite direction from the above search area. More forthcoming. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @lostprophyt for up to the second knowledge...

UPDATE: Here's a map of the possible sighting in Curwensville, PA. The Uni-Mart at State St. and Filbert St. (basically C-Ville's main intersection) is equipped with security cameras, so we may have photos of the scene soon.

The general consensus amongst my little news enclave here in the area is that, if Rodriguez has help, his help may be calling in false tips. That's just speculation on our part, though, so don't take it as gospel. It would, however, explain the disparaging distance (almost 10 miles) between the above map and this one...

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