Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCJ Escapee Post

Well, I beat all four major network affiliates, even had the booking photo before them. So, to compliment my speed, here's a recap so far:

Here's our boy: Michael Rodriguez. Apparently 26 32, 6'0", 180 lbs, large frame, and booked into CCJ on August 10th on Burglary charges. Yeah, he looks like a smart cookie, doesn't he. We're not sure when the breakout happened, or exactly how it happened, but we know that he somehow negotiated the yard fences at CCJ. He's reported to still be wearing his orange CCJ jumpsuit (all of which are in crap shape, trust me), although chances are he ditched that rather quickly and they haven't found it.

Thanks to Google Maps, here's CCJ's close-up. He's most likely to have escaped from the East Yard, as that's the side of the jail where they keep those inmates not eligible for work release, or are considered too dangerous. The West Side is work release and low-risk inmates. The fence system for both yards is the same: Two for each yard, 20 ft. high, topped by razor wire and with an approximately 10-15 foot wide guard path (with central shack) between them. These shacks are typically unused, and only one camera watches each yard from the interior of the jail.

How he got over (or under) these fences is the question on my mind, along with will Warden Sam Lombardo (who is a jackass, I might add) catch hell for the escape on his watch. I hope so, because as both a warden and as a person, Sam Lombardo fails.

And here is the larger search area so far. Top left is CCJ, bottom right is the WalMart distribution center on the hill overlooking Woodland, near I-80. There have been reports of footprints found near the river, and near a residence, which is near the Lock Haven University Clearfield campus above-left of center. Glasses were said to be found somewhere here, as well as a grey sweatshirt (which is likely the suspects, as it conforms to CCJ's inmate dress code) near Mountain Laurel Nursing Home, located next to the Clearfield Mall in the top left of the image.

Thanks to my eyes and ears - Jester and Melissa - I've managed to stay connected to the police scanner and get info like the booking photo. Without them, I'd just be a kid in a motel room making blind guesses. Thanks, you two!

They've kept me up to date quite well: Centre County PSP and officials have been called in to assist, and PSP has a chopper (with night vision) in the air and K9 units on the ground sniffing about. They also state that Rodriguez may be armed (with a screwdriver) and have access to transportation, but these are unsubstantiated.

I've been tweeting this, so if you want quick updates, follow @lostprophyt on there.

And to all the local media outlets: You guys suck. Obviously, I can do your job better, and with limited resources, sitting in a shoddy motel room with just a computer and a phone. Get with the program.

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