Friday, June 12, 2009

All Alone, Or In Twos

So yeah. Once or twice a year, I put up a post where I try and elicit comments from readers everywhere, only to get maybe two, and we learn nothing about each other in the process. This post will be another of those.

Only this time, I have an additional perk: Over yonder on the right, just after my Cool Stuff links, sits the newest addition to my +2 Sidebar of Inernet Snazziness, the Live Activity Feed. Powered by a company called Wowzio, it didn't take much to get it running. They only give out 25 invites a day, though, so depending on when you catch them, getting one of your own might prove a small challenge. But hey, why not try, right?

So yeah, now that we can all see ourselves coming and going, wouldn't it be nice if we all stopped in and said hello? Come on, can't be that hard! It's Blogger! It's either Google IDs or an OpenID, it's not like you're going to get spammed to hell, because you're simply not. I'm not a douche like that.

No, I'm a whole other kind of not a douche at all.

All I've ever wanted to know is who reads from where, and why. I know I'm probably pissing alot of people off with my recent Atheism-related Rants, but that's who I am. With the recent rash of Christian and Muslim extremism, I just feel its time to stand up and try to be the unbiased voice of reason, sanity and compassion amid the crossfire of crazy.

So let's hear it, right? Sound off in the comments section! Please? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

OK I'll bite
Search youtube for "Religion is bullshit"
Its a rant by George Carlin. It pretty much ends all religion arguements.

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