Monday, December 05, 2005

Shady... Aftermath... Q-Unit?!?

When I found this on BoingBoing, I was a bit stunned. I'd heard of the mash-up scene's recent bombardment, but this took the bloody cake. 50 Cent and Queen. If ever there was a combination to the gates of Hell and Damnation, that would be it. Here's my post on Blog Prophyts...

I'm a diehard Queen fan. I love their music, and sing some of it rather often at Karaoke, as well as when I do shows with John and Sherry. It's rock and roll in its purest form, as well as going above and beyond experimentation to blend so much more into the mix. They were and are musical masters in the most revered sense.

And I don't much care for 50 Cent. I hear it all the freakin' time, over and over. It all runs together after a little while, really.

Curious as I am, I downloaded the whole shebang and gave it a listen, cover art and all. No, I don't plan on producing CDs with these files, I just want to give it a go-round. The first track I listened to was Bohemian Wanksta. Gotta go for the uber-classic all-time most well known Queen jam and see what these goofy kids did to it. What I found was a very haunting remix indeed. I'm impressed with the whole mix. Forget the fact that 50's rapping over this beat. The beat itself is the magic here. In fact, the entire "album" is like this. This Is How We Bite The Dust is ingenious, and made me want to get up and shake what little money maker my scrawny self has.

Holy crap. I'm four tracks in and I'm already thinking twice about this idea. Kids' got skillz, no doubt about it. After plowing through each track, I find no reason why the RIAA should be tracking these sites down. If anything, these are free marketing tools in disguise. 50 Fans will discover the joys of Queen, and Queen Fans will find a reason to appreciate 50 Cent for a little while. Not a bad trade off. And who knows. They might just go out and buy some legal CDs in the process.

But no, the RIAA never thinks of logical things like that. They're too busy treating us like criminals.

Go and get this while you can. Enjoy this artform before the RIAA gets crankier still and squashes it, along with our purchasing rights.

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