Friday, December 09, 2005

Don't Hurt The Cheat

Found this over on Fark, and posted it to BP just a moment ago. I love Homestar Runner. It's gotta be the most creative flash comic on the web today. The characters are simply way too much fun, and the fun doesn't get any better than it does with everyone's favorite little yellow sidekick:

Yep. The Cheat. Gotta love that The Cheat.

Apparently, when he's not throwing Lightswitch Raves or starring in his own Video Game, The Cheat is moonlighting as a model for names of places. He's got a bridge, waterfall, and even a functioning tourist rail car. How pimpin' is that, right? Not bad for a The Cheat. Especially when you consider his choice of employer. But then again, having your employer's dumber yet significantly stronger older brother in your back pocket doesn't hurt things any.

Why am I getting into the intricacies of a cartoon character?

Because he's The Cheat, damnit. The Cheat is lovable, cute, mischevious, devious, talented... He could very well be the new millennium's first classic character. Apart from the ones I have listed above, let's take a look at some of The Cheat's finest moments.

New Boots - A Powered By The Cheat special, which The Cheat animated and voiced all on his own. The Cheat gets some cool boots, Strong bad brings him is favorite, and Coach Z just wants a chance to do a hip-hop dance, and has our boy animate his music video!

Cheat Commandos - Apparently, those of The Cheat's kind have a TV show and toy line. Fun with the Cheat Commandos as they battle the evil forces of the Blue Laser! Buy it! Buy! Buy! BUY! Rock Rock On!

Bottom 10 - Not really one of The Cheat's finer moments, but at the time this SBEmail came out, it was the first appearance of our beloved The Cheat in quite some time on H*R.

Do Over - This one's a bit bizzare, so I'll just let you watch it and find out for yourself. The Cheat proves just how much of a lady's The Cheat he really is, but only if you can locate the easter egg...

That's just a small sampling of the fine work of The Cheat. I urge you to explore more of Homestar Runner for more of The Cheat's exploits. Now go kill some time. With the snow on the ground today, there's no excuse for you not to.

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