Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Prophycy Begins

Yay! Team blog go! *cue cute J-Pop theme song, most likely titled Boraagu Prophytu*

--Funny Fact: Hi-Hi PuffyAmiYumi just came on. Cute J-Pop theme song indeed...

Oh, and Derreck: I'm sorry I stole your colors. But I think it's OK if we share, seeing as how millions of other BlogSpot users have this choice, and I'm sure quite a few like it much. If you're that cranky, learn how to modify the css template color scheme and customize the darn thing. I will be here in the coming days...

But yes, Blog Prophyts has launched. Hopefully I can use word-of-IM (aka annoying the pi$$ out of my friends) "advertising" to get a small readership happening. I'm hoping that some of you have tagged along for the ride to this new blog. I should have it redirect, I think... But that's something for later.

Finished Fable: The Lost Chapters the other night, and even did some hard (as in physical, on paper, not difficult) math to figure out gem fencing numbers. I'll throw up a review of TLC sooner or later. I had one written for the original version, prepped for the Ranch and all, but TLC came out before I wrote it, Jester bought it, and now we've plowed through it. Changes, new tricks, glitches, and more!

I like this blog better. I don't have to do 35 minutes worth of page duplication each time I post, which leads to me posting more often as the mood strikes me. This is a good thing...

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