Saturday, September 19, 2009

From The Crow's Nest

Arrr, mateys! If ye don't already be knowin', today be September the 19th, or International Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRRRRRRRRR! It be the day when Pastafarians (ed - followers of the parody "religion" involving the Flying Spaghetti Monster) o' many varieties fly the Jolly Roger and speak in the style o' our Romanticized view o' Historical Piracy.

And if ye say it be gay, then ye be walkin' the plank!

First up the mast be Grand Pirate Cap'n Wil o' the Wheaton with this'ere TLaP Day classic. Note the tiny hat an' cheery disposition. Arrrrrrrrr!

An' then there be me, photoshopped though it be. I changed me avatar on the Twitter for this day, an' this be the end result. Ahoy!

Next into the bilge is @AtheistinWA from me Twitter followin'. Of this here image, he says "See, a year and a half of Digital Design pays off! It all lead to my avatar[!]" An' what a fine avatar it be, laddie. I'll be raisin' a pint o' the ale for ye t'night!

So what're all ye lubbers doing for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Tonight, good ol Cap'n Prophyt's gonna go an' slap-n-tickle o' the wenches at the local watering hole! Have a fine holiday, an' may ye all be touched by His noodly appendage! Arrrrrr!

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