Saturday, June 20, 2009

The World is Watching

Update: 12:49pm EST - More video is available, sourced from HuffPo and the NYT Liveblogs. First up is a lengthy 7 minute clip, apparently from today, showing police and protestors clashing, with a decent veil of tear gas all around. Scary stuff indeed. The others are CNN iReport videos, also apparently from today. CNN is currently running video of what may be an unofficial protest rally that has grown quite large despite the crackdown on planned rallies. I'm going to try and find these videos if I can. Any suggestions, please send them to me via Twitter...

I'm going to see about pulling these videos down and reposting them to create copies just in case Iran's current regime grows some balls and tries to take down everything...

Update: 12:30pm EST
- @BreakingNews Online is reporting that Iranian protestors who are either killed or wounded are being carried away almost immediately by police forces. To me, this looks like a clear attempt to prevent people and the media from seeing the results of what are clearly sickening and horrifying acts. For some of the fastest updates in the world of news, I suggest following them on Twitter.

BNO is also confirming that Mousavi has, in fact, said that he is "Ready for Martyrdom" and fully intends to continue working for change until his death. Confirmed by a Reuters-based witness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I'm ready to call it: The Iranian Revolution has begun.

This calls memories of Boris Yeltsin standing on a tank and talking to the Russian people during the collapse of the USSR. I truely have lived during very fascinating times indeed...

Update: 12:05pm EST - CNN still says opposition leaders haven't been seen, yet HuffPo is running tweets from Iranians confirming his location, as well as his speeches and the chants of protestors:
"Crowd rushing to Jihoun St, where people are saying Mousavi is there and talking with protesters"

Protesters in Revolution sq r chanting: Goftim agar taghalob besheh basatetoon jam misheh!! "We told u if u cheat it'll be the end of u"

The situation is heating up. This is history, kids! My thoughts are with the people of Iran right now. Going to take a break, smoke a cigarette, visit my cats and try to calm my nerves.

Update: 11:53am EST - Still no confirmation found for the Kohmeni Shrine Bombing. The International Media Blackout is somewhat effective, preventing agencies like CNN, BBC etc. from doing independent confirmation. State-run media is still the only source of information on that.

From the Huffington Post Live-Blog:
A report on opposition leader Mousavi:@LilyMazahery: "Mousavi is at head of Jayhoon ave. giving a speech."

Reliable Iranian on Twitter: "mousavi among people: I am ready for death"

Another: "Mousavi - Confirmed - I have prepared for martyrdom"

Tweets from the staff: i'm dying with worry. please pray for us. 13 minutes ago from web

i'm worried 14 minutes ago from web

she hasn't returned 14 minutes ago from web

my young sister has taken to the streets as well 14 minutes ago from web

things are horrible, please pray for us 14 minutes ago from web

And from the New York Times Live-Blog:

From Shiraz, by way of our reader gb’s mother:

My mom is again stressing that the protesters were totally peaceful not even chanting when they were attacked. My mom’s friend said she saw right in front of her that a plain clothes person hit this young man with a baton so hard that the baton broke.

Another friend that lives in Daneshjoo Square (the place the protests took place) said that plain clothes police came to their homes this morning and told them they are not allowed to let any of the protesters seek refuge in their houses or they will be held responsible.

Yes, I'm Atheist. But I urge you all to do whatever it is you do to show your support for the people of Iran. We were once like them, in a revolution against an unjust system. We won our freedom, the people of Iran can, too...

Update: 11:40am EST - CNN is reporting that, in the second video I have posted below, protesters are shouting "Death to Kahemeni" in Farsi. They're also reporting that protests and marches have sprung up in the USA as well.

Some Iranians are posting pictures on Twitpic of the various scenes in and around Tehran.

Republican leaders are butthurt because we're taking a passive stance on Iran so far, at least in an official government capacity. I guess they really do love to meddle in international affairs, especially when it comes to oil-producing nations. Meanwhile, American citizens are NOT taking a passive stance, taking to Twitter, Facebook, etc., helping to disseminate information and post news links.

Update: 11:24am EST - OK, here we go. First of all, welcome to everyone pouring in from Twitter! Glad you decided to stop in for my take on the situation in Iran. And now, I'm going to make a lame attempt at live-blogging history. First up, here's the video I linked to previously, as well as some others culled from various sources around the web:

Students and police clash. A billboard appears to be set on fire, and reportedly, the police forces fired on the students on-camera. I can't really tell, maybe you all can.

Video, apparently from a storefront, shows riot police backing up as protestors advance. This video has been aired on CNN.

While reports indicate that the major protests called for today have been more or less blocked by state forces, people are still taking to the streets in Tehran and, presumably, the rest of Iran.

IF YOU'RE IN IRAN AND HAVE VIDEO, POST IT ASAP AND LINK IT ON TWITTER! Eventually, I'll get my hands on it and - like so many others of us around the world - we'll throw it up in order to keep these images from being drowned out!

Still no confirmation on the Kohmeni Shrine Bombing. No images yet, only state-run media reports that there are two dead and 8 injured. This is up from 1 dead and 8 injured, which would lead me to think that the updated figure should read 7 injured if one died. Take everything you get from Iranian State Media with an entire can of salt, because it's probably pro-regime bullshit.

More updates to come...

ORIGINAL POST: For every kid who's ever said that history isn't important. For every kid who's ever said that the world is a boring place where nothing happens. For every ignorant fuck who thinks that things half a world away has nothing to do with them.

History is happening right now in Iran. This Video shows a clash between students and police. I can't really make it out, but at some point, the students are fired upon.

The Huffington Post is live-blogging, with video as it comes out of Tehran and other parts of Iran.

State-run Iranian TV is reporting on a bomb blast at Ayatollah Kohmeni's mausoleum earlier today. Of course, it's state-run TV, so take it with several grains of salt. There are rumors that they actually reported the blast a few moments before it actually happened, which is very possible and - if true - could be a thorn in the side of the current power structure. There have also been reports that there's no evidence of any bombing at all yet. Interesting.

And you people thought this didn't affect you. Need I remind you that Iran is a nuclear capable rogue state? Remember the Bush Years when you were all happy to be afraid? Well, now you actually SHOULD. Depending on the outcome of any potential revolution, some very interesting people could be in charge of some very powerful weapons...

To the people of Iran, if you can find a way around the blocks and censors and can actually find and read my site: STAY STRONG, DON'T BACK DOWN, KEEP FIGHTING. Despite what your government says, not all Americans are evil. In fact, many of us are behind you 100%, spreading news, pictures, and video to protect your work by making it as widely available and as hard to trace as possible.


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