Saturday, June 20, 2009

Powder Keg

Uh oh.

As I've been following the situation in Iran, I'm slowly starting to get a picture for what's happening at home. Not good, deffinately not good...

The Obama Administration has taken what I feel is a somewhat-correct approach and, while encouraging and supporting the Iranian people in their efforts for election - and ultimately national - reform, they're not taking direct action. Military action from the US is most certainly not necessary at this time, but I'm not ruling out that it may be necessary should the situation in Iran collapse, which it easily could.

But there are some here at home who think that a forceful response is, in fact, warranted. Why they think we should be the world's military nanny is beyond me. We're already up to our necks in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention potential troubles from North Korea.

The GOP has been critical of the Administration's response to the situation in Iran, and given their status as a party fighting for its very political life, it could create a serious problem. You see, Iran is an Islamic Republic. The Republican Party's remaining base is still predominantly Evangelical Christian. These are two religions that DO NOT get along. If the Republican Party can whip up the Christian Right into an anti-islamic frenzy by saying this is our chance to overthrow yet another Islamic regime (Hussein's Iraq doesn't really count as one) and install Democracy, there could be quite a push for military deployment.

In the name of God.

You have to remember that, no matter what the Christian Right thinks, there are still a few facts they can't ignore:

1) While the protestors in Iran are denying the current regime, they are not turning away from their Islamic beliefs. They will remain followers of Islam no matter what happens.

2) This is NOT a Christian Nation. Sorry. We have Muslims, Jews, Taoists, Bhuddists, Hari Krishnas, Atheists, Catholics - all kinds of flavors of religion or lack thereof. You do NOT make the decisions for all of us, majority or not.

But will they heed that? Will they instead follow the party line and push for military action?

The results are too scary to think about. Believe me, you don't want to see the pictures rolling through my head.

Meanwhile, those of us with our heads screwed on are taking a different approach, which alot of us feel is the correct one. Americans left and right are not only supporting Iran in word, but also in deed. Posting on Twitter, disseminating video and pictures, making sure the Iranian people - suffering from a state-ordered media blackout and blockage - have an outlet that will ensure that their voices are heard.

What I'm doing is one tiny, nearly insignificant part. But all these tiny parts add up to a very significant whole. I don't think we should militarize and meddle in Iran's burgeoning revolution, but I don't think we should sit idly by and watch without acting, either. You have to find a middle ground, and then walk it.

But you can't stop looking over your shoulder, either. Because you never know what homeward forces could be plotting to take advantage of the situation for their own gain.

Nobody light a match, alright?

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