Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Once In A Lifetime

Yep, you know me. You know that I just HAD to be in Pittsburgh to catch the Penguins and the Stanley Cup. Although this picture totally sucks, let me assure you that that is Sidney Crosby, hoisting the Stanley Cup aloft on the stage at Stanwix and the Boulevard. Because of the quality, it looks like I was forever away, but in fact, I was probably ~75-100 feet away from the stage. And let me tell you, the view was AMAZING!

Sid the Kid Hoists Lord Stanley's CupHopefully soon, Nick - a fellow fan I met at South Hills Junction, who had a WAY better camera - will be sending me many more amazing shots. Big thanks to him and the guys who drove all the way from New Jersey (!) for this once in a lifetime event.

To have that much star power - Crosby, Lemieux, Talbot, Fleury, Malkin, Staal, Guerin, Gonchar, and the legendary Mike Lange - in one place at one time... It was something I'll never, EVER forget.


And, thanks to those amazing Pittsburgh Steelers, we are once again The City of Champions! Two major titles in one year! Suck it, Sports World!

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