Saturday, February 02, 2008


Who hasn't seen A Christmas Story (IMDb)? If you haven't, woe be unto you, because you're missing out on a classic. Why mention it on Groundhog Day, you ask? Well, I submit to you one Derreck Lowe, good friend of mine and blogger-who-doesn't-blog-much:

Right? Right. Now, compare to A Christmas Story's Flick, played by Scott Schwartz:

Come ON! It's right there! While Derreck is a bit too young to be Schwartz's twin, it's pretty damned close, isn't it? And given Schwartz's career change, I'm willing to bet Derreck wouldn't have minded being mistaken for the former kid star.

My point? None, really. Just some Saturday Morning fun while we await today's Caturday Thread to emerge over on Fark, and give it some time to fill up...

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fatherjon said...

hmmmm, seems someone needs a new pair of eyes....please note the chin is totally different, as are the lips....and did anyone mention eye color...go back in your hole and let the groundhog do its job...
lol.....fatherjon says "it is better to be blind, than to see what is not there"

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