Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Quiet Passing

Well, I would have blogged about my birthday party yesterday, and I would have posted the video to YouTube, but Verizon made my decisions for me. For once, they decided that they were going to live up to their reputation and have a rather long outage. Thankfully, we have plenty to entertain ourselves without the Internet, but it does limit communications to local phone calls, which can be quite the pain in the ass.

At any rate, my birthday party was teh hawsome! Fred, Andy, Mikey, Angel, Dee, Matt, Scuba Steve, Joe and Justin were all that made it, but that's all I needed, really. We took over Karaoke for a bit after witnessing the Steelers trounce the crap out of the Baltimore Ravens in the first half of Monday Night's game, and then retired up to the office to watch the karaoke vids before we all left for the night. Quiet, fun, I couldn't ask for much of anything more. Once Windows decides that it likes the codecs needed to play and edit the vids (something GOMPlayer does enough to play on it's own, MUCH better than Media Player), I'll post the clips on YouTube for all 10 of you to enjoy.

Hey, 10! Up from 3! Rock on! LOL And thanks to my de facto twin sister Laura for actually posting a comment!

And yes, let it be known: I love Angel to death! I was right: She got me Happiest Days, and it is awesome! I'm still prepping my review of Just a Geek, but I couldn't resist the urge to crack open the new dead tree edition of Wil's stuff. And while we're talking about reviews of Wil's stuff, here are Two Reviews of Happiest. Listen well, for they are spot-on in their praise of our fearless leader's latest release. By the time I get around to writing my review, I'm going to look like I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, but I don't really much care. Yeah, the book is that good...

Koga is adjusting pretty well to his new home, and housebreaking him has been the worst part. Even then, in the two and a half days he's been here, he's learning quickly that sitting at the door expectantly is usually enough to tear Dad away from his Internet Box long enough to grab the leash and take him out into the backyard. In 40 degree weather. In a sweat suit. At 4am on my 30th fucking birthday.

Nah, I'm not that bitter. But it is that bitter cold, or at least the wind chill makes it feel that bitter cold...

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