Sunday, November 04, 2007


In the past 30 years, I have:

  1. Obtained an Associates in Specialized Technology Degree (Multimedia)
  2. Recorded a full-length album (Slip Into Never with Tempered Edge)
  3. Been a Roadie (with Plan 9, Dick Dastardly, and Bad Idea)
  4. Completed over 300 finishable games for the original NES
  5. Maintained a half dozen personal websites, this being the 6th
  6. Written a FanFiction Story read by people all over the world
  7. Done time
  8. Fathered zero kids
  9. Written one original fiction novella (In Time, when I was 15)
  10. Worked with Habitat for Humanity
  11. Donated a gallon of blood to the Red Cross
  12. Loved and lost, four times
  13. Bred mice for science classes
  14. Taught college-level Web Design and Multimedia, twice
  15. Delivered pizza for five different shops
  16. And much, much more, both good and bad.
So, what will I do in the next 30 years ? Guess I'll start to find that out at midnight, won't I...

All in all, the first 30 years were an interesting ride. It's had plenty of ups and downs (though it seems like more downs than ups), but for the most part, it's been fun. People say that if you're not living your life, you're missing out. They're right. Since I took my life by the reigns and done things my way, I've had more fun than I could have ever hoped for.

Granted, the rough patches were pretty damned rough, but one thing is still true: I'm here, I'm standing on my own two feet, and still playing by my own rules. Some think I'm a loser, some think I've wasted my life. Well, those different "some" camps have one thing in common: They're both wrong.

For the past 30 years, it's been my life, my choices, my own destiny. And it's been a fuckload of fun so far. And if me having a good time and enjoying life pisses you off, then I'm looking forward to 30 more years of exceeding your minute expectations.

And to all my friends (you know who you all are), you've made this half of my life a blast. Thanks to you all. Now, I'm off to enjoy my last four hours as a rowdy twentysomething...

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Happy Birthday Eric!!

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