Saturday, October 13, 2007

RIAA: "Yeah, We're Losing Our Asses Suing You"

Score one for the Good Side of the Force: The RIAA, while it won the first filesharing case to go to trial, has admitted that their four year lawsuit campaign has been an absolute cash vortex, costing much more than it's bringing in. They also admit that they really don't have any idea at all exactly how much money filesharing costs them.

The next line of questioning was how many suits the RIAA has filed so far. Pariser estimated the number at a "few thousand." "More like 20,000," suggested Toder. "That's probably an overstatement," Pariser replied. She then made perhaps the most startling comment of the day. Saying that the record labels have spent "millions" on the lawsuits, she then said that "we've lost money on this program."
Cue Nelson: "HA HA!" Fark away, my friends...

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