Saturday, October 13, 2007

Micro$oft: "We Fucked Up"

Woo hoo! Two major corporate admission posts in a row! How's that for a proficient day? Turns out that The Borg... I mean Micro$oft... have finally admitted to the biggest flaw in their happy little Internet Exploder... I mean Explorer... browser. You know the one, an ActiveX controller that allows websites set up by script kiddies, phishers, and other malicious hats to run nasty code on your machine without your knowledge. Fark thread Here...

You want the cure for Internet Explorer's security flaws? Here it is, and it's free:

Get Firefox. Do it. Now.

And in related news, the media has finally caught up with the rest of us: Windows will update itself, whether you like it or not, whether auto-update is on or not. Surprise, right? Not really. Way to live in the now, mainstream media. Fark It...

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