Sunday, September 23, 2007

YouTube Video 2: Electric Boogaloo

In all, eight new videos made their way to my YouTube Channel yesterday, a most proficient day indeed. First video I've posted in five months, really, since the last time I fucked with Justin. Four of these are Karaoke performances from Thursday night, three are what I'll call "Fun With Andy and Fred," and one is the fifth episode of Employee Vs. Boss! Quite the breakdown. Well, I posted Fred's song yesterday, so today I'll throw up two more performances, as well as a favorite from FWA&F. Heh. Fwaaf. What a title for a show...

Andy Sings Take On Me by A-Ha

Andy and I Sing Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog

Yeah, Justin had to actually clear the stage for us to sing that. People + Alcohol = Douchbaggary... Anyway, here's "What Would Andy Say?"

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