Friday, September 28, 2007

20,000 Lines of Resolution

If you can tell me where that post title comes from, not only will I give you $10, but I'll laude you on this blog for being the ultimate 80s pop culture guru.

Anyway, just in case you all couldn't get enough, here's plenty more video goodness from yet another night of Karaoke insanity at Electric Avenue. On today's menu, we've got Andy singing Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Fred singing Plush, our newest crew member Joe doing Piano Man, and me with Nikki, singing We're Not Gonna Take It. Scroll, Click, Watch, Enjoy, Repeat!

Andy - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Fred - Plush

Joe - Piano Man

Eric and Nikki - We're Not Gonna Take It

In just about a week, my channel has damn near tripled in size. Awesomeness. Expect lots more YouTube-y stuff from this blog in the near future...

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