Monday, September 07, 2009

Whil Whheaton @ PAX Video!

PAX may be over, - and those of us here on the East Coast are gearing up for PAX East 2010 I can tell you - but the goodness is already flowing forth! Even though it's Labor Day, PAX attendees are hard at work processing video and posting it on YouTube for those of us less fortunate due to location. How very geek of them!

Since I'm a total Wheaton Monkey (and de facto co-leader of the East Coast branch of the Super Awesome Monkey Army, w00t!), and thanks to the obligatory Fark Wheaton Link (FT), here's some video of Wil at PAX. Firstly, here he is with his Department of Geek Affairs Proclaimation:

And secondly, as found on Fark, witness as Wil gets totally serenaded by Jonathan Coulton:

This, folks, is why I'm going to PAX East next year. How can you even think to say that geeks don't know how to party and have a good time? I don't care how awesome a party person you are, I highly doubt you could ever keep up with us...

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