Sunday, September 06, 2009

Are We So Evil?

This came to me over Twitter from @denyreligion, a link to this article. There are two more videos posted there, but I really feel it necessary to show this one. Question, Christians: When have you EVER seen an Atheist - even one of the more passionate ones like myself - do ANYTHING like this?

Your brothers and sisters in Christ. You must be so, so proud...

You claim that the worst of us are people like Richard Dawkins and P.Z. Meyers, militant Atheists bent on your destruction. Well, you're half right. We'd like to see religion abolished, sure! Trust us, that wouldn't be a bad thing for the human race. But we're not like these people. Not a single, solitary bit.

The worst Mr. Dawkins does is either sit or stand in front of a microphone and calmly own your ass with fact and evidence - two things, I fear, that you lack.

The worst Mr. Meyers does is laugh at you and your silly "museums" that teach tomfoolery and madness.

Look. As much as I want to reach out and deck a stupid fundie who's clearly out of control like our redneck friend in the video, I don't. Despite popular belief that the godless are also without morals, we do in fact know right from wrong, and know that all punching people like that jackhole will get us is a night in the tank at county and an arrest record.

And yet Captain Christian here is freely lobbing threats - including physical violence and terrorism (blowing up a house?) - in the name of God. Don't you just love him? He's adorable!

And you want to make sure your kids grow up secure in the "knowledge" that the same God this guy worships is the right thing for them? Yeah, you need to rethink that position.

Personally, I think this video is just further proof that belief in any sort of imaginary man in the sky should be classified as just another delusion, and treated for what it truly is: Mental Illness.

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