Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Twitter Fun

I've been on Twitter for a short time, maybe two months tops, but already its been a ton of fun!

As a WWdN:IX Monkey in good standing (or at least I hope I'm in good standing), Twitter has allowed me to connect with other Monkeys, two in particular that I gotta give props to: First of all, the incomparable Angie K. (@angiek42), also known as She of the Cookie Monster Gloves! The other is Danyiel (@disasterpiece73), a fellow PA-based Monkey and lover of all things musical! These two gals are good people, and following them comes with a full LP endorsement!

Last night, though, was rather nifty. For those of you unfamiliar with Mike Doughty (@MikeDoughtyYeah), he's the once-frontman of Soul Coughing, and continues to produce some fine quality non-commercial music. Well, I guess he got to hear both Death Magnetic and Master of Puppets - Metallica albums - for the first time yesterday.

While I find it odd that someone like him would wait 23 years to hear the awesomeness that is Master of Puppets (which came out in 1986), I find it even more odd that he'd think a post-commerical Metallica album (commercial albums from Metallica started with the Black Album) is better than what most people consider to be Metallica's best work. Hmmm...

Especially after hearing them both for less than a few hours...

Either way, he and I had a small back-and-forth, and in the end, I'm hoping that both parties can just agree to disagree. I know that's my stance (Puppets is still the better album, though), and I'm pretty sure he considers me insignificant enough to not care. But I'm still a fan, and I'll continue to purchase and listen to his music, Metallica opinions be damned!

The Twitter Celebrity Interact-a-thon continues!


Anonymous said...

That's sort of surreal, isn't it? When you actually get to chat with someone with celebrity status, I mean.

Back in the days when I used to manage/promote a couple of bands in the Philly area, I rubbed elbows with a lot of people whom I considered Metal Gods at the time. Obituary, Fear Factory, Type O Negative, Six Feet Under, just to name a few, and getting drunk with Pantera was another completely mind blowing experience. It was hands down, one of the best nights of my life.

Now when you encounter celebrities on the internet, it's still just as cool, but it's a little bit different than meeting someone in person, especially when you come away from the experience feeling as if you kind of know that person a little bit more than you did before.

Take Wil Wheaton, for example. Who would have expected him to be such a nice guy? I know I give him crap sometimes(all in good fun, of course), but I really do have a lot of respect for him, as an actor, author and a human being in general. Then there's Kevin Smith. Totally cool dude, chatted with him on several occasions on the ViewAskewniverse message board, and now we've traded tweets on Twitter. There are some people in the "biz" who don't have humongous egos, and that's so cool to know.

About your musical musings with Mike Doughty, it's cool on one hand to know that he's not "too cool" to converse with fans, but on the other hand, I really don't get why he'd wait until now to listen to Master of Puppets, either.

My take on NuMetallica vs. Classic Metallica? Look, there is one good song on Death Magnetic, the rest of the album sucks...mmmkay? On this, I completely agree with you. Puppets wins, hands down. That album wins for Orion alone, but the fact that every other song on the album is awesome, as well, further proves that it kicks Death Magnetic's ass.

As long as you were able to come away from your chat with him amicably, that's a good thing, right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, after all.

Bottom line, it's a good thing that we have the Wil Wheatons, Kevin Smiths and Mike Doughtys of the virtual world that actually take the time to interact with their fans, and that is definitely cool. I challenge anyone who disagrees with me on this point.

Oh, and one last thing, the fact that you put me in the same company as Angie K. is really awesome of you, because she totally rocks! I'm not sure I truly deserve it, but I'll take it :D !



DisasterPiece said...

Update: You can add Eliza Dukshu (@ElizaPatricia), Jason Mewes(@JayMewes), and Ethan Suplee (@EthanSuplee) to the list of Twitter celebrities that tweet their fans back, too. It would seem that pretty much everyone in The ViewAskewniverse are Twitter friendly folks. One warning, though, they all pretty much have foul mouths, which doesn't bother me in the least, but some other people might find that sort of thing to be uncouth. You know what I have to say about that? Fuck em'!

Getting into more detail, Eliza really is a sweetheart. She just returned from Africa where she served as a Goodwill Embassador, and she tweeted about her stay there the entire time, keeping the fans updated on how grateful the children she spent time with were for all of the donated clothing and school supplies that she and the people she went with had brought along. It was sort of like a Twitter blog, if you will, and as someone who is very passionate about children's causes and children in general, I think it was very noble of her to take some time out of her schedule to help make some kids very happy during her stay there.

Mewes is another story. The guy is fucking hilarious. If you think that "Jay" of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame is merely a character in Kevin Smith's films, think again, because he definitely behaves exactly like the Jay that we've all come to know and love over the years, with a few exceptions. He has evolved to where he is completely different than movie Jay in the sense that he's always tweeting about how much he loves his wife and kid and has been clean and sober for quite a few years now. But he's still funny as hell and the things that he tweets to his fans (or me, at least) are quite sick and twisted, but that's Mewes for you, always the clown, and a very cool guy.

Ethan Suplee is a complete sweetheart. I received not one, but two direct messages from him yesterday thanking me for my support in signing petitions to keep "My Name is Earl" on the air. He is also very funny, he and I tweeted back and forth about the Golgothan, the Shit Demon from "Dogma," for which he lent his voice for the character in the movie. He hurled several shit demon bombs at my friend Kevin per my request because he was busting my balls about tweeting with Twitter celebs and didn't believe me when I told him that they had tweeted me back. He had signed off before the tweets actually got to him, and I would have loved to seen his face when he logged on today and found tweets from Ethan hurling shit demon bombs at him. lol

I'm just having a good old time finding out who is cool as far as celebrities who actually tweet back to their fans. And I'm also updating my own blog, complete with a shout out to you for giving me the inspiration to blog once again, and the subject matter of my latest post is pretty much along the lines of what you wrote about in this post. Stay tuned...and I hope that I manage to make it a good read.



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