Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clarity and Colmes

Sean Hannity is a Republican douchebag schill. No bones about it. He's a dicksplash. But by golly, even GOP pundits can have moments of lucidity and insight. Here's video (FT) of him blowing a gasket... Wait for it... Defending Barack Obama. Yeah! Sean Hannity! SEAN FUCKING HANNITY! DEFENDING OBAMA! It has to be seen to be believed; even I didn't think it was true until I watched it. But here it is:

Sean, if you had more moments like this, maybe I could stomach you easier. Think on that...

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fatherjon said...

nestled on a cozy ave in the corner of the fair (exgaerated kindness there) city of dubois stands a sign. A sign of where my political beliefs stands. So if your driving by clinton ave, please look for my obama sign. In fact get out of your car and autograph it, I will be mailing it to Sir hillary here soon, along with a pic. ok....enough of that...eric email me have some articles for your cause.

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