Thursday, April 24, 2008

All The Away

So, the finals are tomorrow night. Am I nervous? Not really. I don't really get nervous until the battle is over and we're all waiting for the final scores to come in.

For the finals, we're going to be doing two songs as opposed to one, which is the format I'm used to anyway. Doing just one song puts the brakes on showing off any sort of dynamic range with regard to genres and styles, and you've really got to try your damnedest to limit your fuck-ups. There's no second song to carry the first if you can nail it.

I've decided on one of the songs (which I won't mention here, just in case the competition is reading, which I highly doubt) that I'm going to sing, and I have a few choices for the other one. I might not make that decision until it's actually time to sing it. I've already done Luck Be a Lady and Bohemian Rhapsody in competition, and performed Silent Lucidity, Piano Man, and Faithfully as open Karaoke songs, so I've really got to pull out something huge for song #2.

I do have a few reservations, though, about this contest; thoughts that I can't help but think. I'm mentioning them without getting specific now, mostly because I want a record of having said something about it before tomorrow night.

Later today, I'll have the video from last week's Semi-Finals up on the YouTube Channel, as well as some Electric Avenue Karaoke from last Thursday. Right now, though, I'm processing video for the second of two DVDs (the first of which successfully finished last night) for Justin. His cousins Kelsey and Denise recently visited the US from Wales, and they made quite a bit of video while they were here. Of course, it's the design geek's job to author the DVD, but this time, it's going rather well.

Not like the first few tries, of which only one was successful...

I know, I've been quiet, especially with Hillary "Ice Queen" Clinton 'winning' (and I use that term loosely) yesterday's Democratic Primary. I can't really grouse much, since I'm a registered Independent and therefore can't vote in a Democrats-only primary. But as we get closer to the Democratic National Convention, you can bet I'll be speaking up more and more on that subject.

But for now, it's back to pushing pixels. The joys of our career choices...

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Anonymous said...

Well i have to admit, i was totally surprised. mildly have talent.
guess that gift of gab extends to singing. good luck

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