Saturday, December 03, 2005


Heh. Gee whiz, Derreck. 3 updates in one day not enough? Time to make it an even four! That's right, Derreck has signed on as the first post-Ranch commenter, and has thrown his hat into the ring to be part of the team blog, which will be coming soon. I'm thinking of calling it The Blog Prophyts Network. Sounds like a decently non-lame title.

So, what to update about? Well, as soon as I publish this bad boy, I'm off to meet up with Holly, head over to Jester's real quick, and then I'm meeting Holly again to help her with her Photoshop homework. After that, it's over to the Roadtrip Lounge at the Days Inn in Clearfield for booty shaking.

Not like I have much of a booty to shake.

So there you go, Derreck. Another update! How cool is that?

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Derreck said...

Hell yeah really ripping them ol' updates out there. I have a weird fetish with my browsers refresh button so it's all good over here. I hit everything at least 10 times a day to get my fix... Although on a side note I had to change the look of my blog because someone, *coughERICcough*, stole my colors ;)

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