Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear North Korea:

Please kindly shut the fuck up and sit back down.

Really. This is childish and annoying. Not to mention you're trying to steal the thunder of the Iranian people.

Wait your turn, we promise we'll treat you as Internationally Relevant at the first available opportunity.

Until then, though, please try to behave. We know its difficult, being an isolated bunch of loonies, but we figure even the most immature of nations can grow up a bit and wear big-boy pants.

Eric Jacobson, speaking on behalf of the rest of the world.


Fordi said...

Huh. July 4th and no nuke.

What a surprise.

What an enormous, shocking, earth-shaking surprise.

Fordi said...

Oh, god. I didn't realize it was this funny.

N. Korea DID launch missles at Hawaii.

SCUDs. they didn't even make it halfway; they fell into the sea of Japan.

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