Friday, April 03, 2009

Return of the Geek

For some reason, I'm compelled to write, and something more than 140 characters.

For the past week, being on Twitter has been something of an inspiration, I guess, to write more. The concept of short, on-point tweets (answers to the question "what are you doing now?") allows for more updating, especially since it only takes a few seconds with the right software. And, if you do it right and structure your tweets just so, you can evoke quite a few thoughts in the minds of those reading them.

On top of that, though, there's been more of a desire to be long winded as of late. Although I haven't said much of worth yet (mostly just Twitter gushing), I do feel the typing bug coming back. There are plenty of stories to be told, too, because apparently my blog has been voted a "storyblog" at Blog$hares, so I kind have an image to keep up.

This in and of itself is a story, really. My disillusionment with life in general over the course of the last, I don't know, six months, has been a rough river to shoot. Changes, fights, wins, losses, ups, downs, left hooks and right crosses; I've been running the gauntlet quite a bit. But somehow, I'm still here, living to take society on kicking and screaming another day.

Part of what keeps me going is the growing promise of Buck-It. We're ALMOST ready to go. The next few weeks involve set practicing, going over our performance sets, sorting out songs, and getting our game faces on. We're ready to come out and play and, more importantly, melt some motherfucking faces. ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!

Why yes, I'm a little excited much, thank you for noticing!

The past few days have been spent trying to finish more of Justin's half-baked brilliant schemes involving the ManCave (TM). That man has the patience of a light particle and the planning skills of newborn lemur. But we endure, I guess, and try to do the job as best we can in light of his ever-changing designs. He still doesn't grasp the concept of space constraints, which is very frustrating. Also, if he does get a plan, he often fails to share all of the details with everyone. Chaos, but it pays the bills...

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