Monday, May 05, 2008

Scramble Rogue Squadron

They're here! Finally, after years of waiting, my boys have arrived!

On the left there is Dakk, and on the right with his nose to the vacuum power cord, that's Wedge. And yes, they're named after characters from Star Wars. I'm a nerd. Surprised?

Here are my boys, exploring their new Rebel Base. Apparently, the mattress is good for practicing ambush attacks. Dakk tries to sneak up on Wedge, who is more interested in the bean bag...

And finally, after a rough day being kittens moved to a new home, my boys cuddle up in the corner near their new dad's computer desk and pass out.

And now, some facts: Wedge and Dakk are both 4 weeks old, and are brothers. You can identify them thusly: Dakk, on the left in the snooze pic, doesn't have the pronounced "spire" of white fur that Wedge (on the right) has running up his forehead. Wedge is the daredevil, having already tried to climb the baby gate we use to keep Teddy out of the kitchen. In contrast, Dakk has been the docile one, and prefers sitting on my lap to causing chaos. This should be fun!

And now, time to LOLCat Caption the boys for the first time!

Welcome to the Prophyt Family, Wedge and Dakk!

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Ahh cats. sneaky little things... but they sure are cute.

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