Friday, April 11, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

The Westboro Baptist Church. The hatred they preach inspires hatred of their own existence. This website has no love for the WBC or the Phelps family. They can all die in a fire. Why do I say that? Because these people had the motherfucking gall to protest at a memorial service for a family in Brockway, PA recently. In a horrible early morning blaze, 10 out of the 12 family members living in a single home were killed.

And the WBC had the nerve to call it punishment from their so-called Benevolent God. People wonder why I hate religion. People like that are the reason.

While the tragedy here in Central PA was suffering the WBC, another memorial service targeted by these dicksplashes was being defended by a united student body (FT). Recently, three University of Wisconsin - Stout Campus students died tragically. While the WBC sent their idiot brigade (and not many of them, I might add), the students of UW-Stout staged their own counter protest, hundreds strong, and forced the WBC out 15 minutes after they began. Of course, there's video...

These kids all deserve trophies, pizzas, and the Balls the Size of Asia Awards. The Lost Prophyt Blog salutes the student body of UW-Stout, heros all!

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