Friday, March 07, 2008

Shameless Nerd Gushing, Vol. 1

Too much geek stuff to justify multiple posts, so I've decided to cram it all together into one while it's all fresh in my mind. Today, I'm geeking out hardcore, and I figure it's not too bad an idea to share. After all, you all come back here and read, so part of my insignificant life must be somewhat interesting to you all, right? Well, here's a couple of tidbits.

BitTorrent Blah Blah + Wheaton Goodness = Postworthy

It's been a little over a month since I began seeding Wil's CactusCon performance on Mininova, and in that time, I've tossed up a ratio of 17.172 over 705MB. Not bad, not bad at all. A little over 17 copies worth of data came from me, and for that, I'm proud. I'd call that a successful torrent, since I've seen seeders and leechers come and go rather frequently. It's out there, and it's awesome to know that I had a wee tiny hand in spreading the good word that is Wil.

And speaking of Wil, if you missed it, you really need to check out his Keynote Address from last year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Dare to compare: the man's good at what he does.

How Could You Not Want That?!?

Anime fans are a picky lot. We care about the art form, and if an American production company hacks and mangles a series too much in trying to Americanize it, we get a bit miffed. Such was the early doom of FUNimation, the production company behind the later release of Dragonball Z and, since, alot more series that show they learned from their early mistakes. Their first dub of Dragonball was an atrocity, and I have the DVDs to prove it.

But sometimes, hacking and mangling for the sake of an American audience can be a good thing, as is the case with FUNimation's recent redux of Crayon Shin-chan. Some of the more notable changes include:

  • Shin's school has been changed into The Happy Funtime American School. This allows for name changes for the teachers, a complete heritage change for the principal, and the introduction of modern American humor to make up for the fact that Shin-chan is over 15 years old, series-wise.
  • While the original show focused on Japanese social issues through the eyes of 5 year old Shin and those around him, the FUNimation dub scraps all that and goes for the testicles when it comes to outrageous humor. It's very, VERY adult oriented. Sex jokes, sexual orientation jokes, toilet humor, the whole nine yards.
While these and other changes are abound, it really doesn't matter, because this show is FUCKING FUNNY! FUNimation, in a surprise twist, hacked and mangled an Anime series into something that stands on its own as a hillarious adaptation. When I get time, I'll probably go deeper into it all, but this is a good start, and will jog my memory a bit when I finally get around to doing it.

Myth of the Prophyt

After some discussion amongst my inner circle of geeks and geek-stuff enthusiasts, I've decided to make an attempt at building a small side business in the tech sector. It's not the 2GPro that I've envisioned for the last two years, but it's a good start in the right direction, and should be relatively easy to get started. I've got the attention of the people I need to back me up, and I think we're about ready to roll. I'll try and make an announcement soon, but for now, I have to keep it in the realm of Myths.... Which, by the way, is your only clue as to what I'm going to try and accomplish...

Retune The World

I've been checking out alot of new Anime recently (beyond Shin-chan), and I've found quite a few new favorites in the mix. I highly recommend RahXephon if you can get your hands on it. Big robots, great music, and solid voice acting on both sides of the big pond. Another new favorite is Full Metal Panic! Funny stuff right there, and plenty more big robots for those that like such things.

Soon, I'll be starting Love Hina, a series I've put off checking out for far too long, as well as reacquainting myself with Vision of Escaflowne. Beyond that, I have so much more, but I don't really have the time to do so. Being a dad has its demands, after all...

Hope you all enjoyed my little geekout. See you tomorrow for Caturday, I promise!

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Fabulous blog and pics,I've been reading for ages arriving via Derreck Lowe blog.Keep up the great work and Caturday. Just brilliant.
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