Thursday, March 13, 2008


From what sources I have, signs point to holy shit.

All the information I have right now says this: Sometime very recently (probably last night or this morning), Kacey Fisher and Jessie Coleman Campbell killed his mother, Cindy Jo Coleman. Both are in Clearfield County Jail, held for murder 1, most likely. Currently, Jessie is being held without bond in Clearfield County Jail. I have yet to confirm the whereabouts of Kacey.

I wish it weren't true, but it is. Kacey was a friend of mine.

The who and the why will all become clear in time as I try to gather the facts. But I have one source who told me essentially that story, and another source who lives in the area who confirmed the heavy PSP presence since this morning, making it highly unlikely that the first source is wrong.

While I master a home video DVD for Teddy's grandmother, I'll be hitting teh Googles for whatever links and news I can find. For now, though, it looks like I'm the first to hit the net with this story.

UPDATE: 4pm: - Links to Kacey's Yahoo Profile and MySpace account. Kacey is at least 22 now, possibly 23, though I never really knew when her birthday was. From what I've heard, this Jessie kid is 20, and that's all I have on him at the moment. Kacey's MySpace page hasn't been update for a week, but still has pictures of her and her ex boyfriend on it.

An excerpt from Kacey's blog, dated April of last year:

Todays the day to start life over. I have no clue on what to do or how to live my life normal, or in the normal sense. I"m tired of fuckin around, i'm tired or wasting time and my life on the petty arguments, the fights and the tears i've had to cry. I want to start fresh, start anew, open my eyes and get a clear view. A new perspective. I need a challenge. I don't want to run anymore, and death is not an option. I miss my friends and my family, I miss being me. I feel very alone, depressed, scared and everything in between. Somebody, Anybody, please help me start my first new day or freedom.
I guess that won't be the case now. She'll be starting a new life, but not the one she'd hoped for. When the motive comes out, I'm sure I'll be able to piece together what went wrong...

UPDATE 2: 4:21pm - Via another source, though it has yet to be confirmed, Jessie's mother's cause of death was the old ear-to-ear grin. Man, something went really wrong here, and I aim to find out what the fuck it was. I need to find Jordan...

UPDATE 3: 4:30pm - Found Jessie Coleman's Campbell's MySpace account. Kid said he's just trying to live life and be happy. I guess offing the woman who gave him that life in the first place was part of his happy plan.

Interesting Observation: On Kacey's MySpace, the song is "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars. On Jessie's, it's "Gravedigger" by Willie Nelson. Talk about creepy...

On a completely different note, my good friend Justin ended up in the hospital this morning, and they're keeping him for a bit for observation. For the most part, he's fine, but tests will reveal more. Get well soon, Old Man!

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melanie626 said...

FYI its jesse CAMPBELL not colmen and kasey was not with jesse when he killed his mother don't know where u got your info from but its alittle on the wrong side

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