Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drew Weighs In On Castro

Over on the Fark Blog, Drew is postulating as to why Cuba would announce Castro's resignation at 3am:

I find the timing completely bizarre. Unless the government spokes-agency people had toddlers running around their houses and felt like getting some work done, there’s no good reason why the announcement couldn’t have waited until the morning. Was Castro up at 3am thinking to himself “damn this job sucks, I really should retire”? Not likely.

The only valid reason to make an announcement like that at 3am was that the government was in a hurry. Something happened in the middle of the night to make them move up the timetable.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that Castro is dead.
He's most likely right, since that's an odd time to do such a historical thing. Discuss amongst yourselves...

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fatherjon said...

As of last night (friday) on a PBS debate show, Castro is still alive and untill he does drop he is currently writting a column in the Communist Digest. Entitled Commrades of Castro. When his shrivled shell does finally drop, the comutators agreed that there would not be really a major change in policies. The only light in that tunnel would be a lift on travel restrictions. Which i'm sure the raft survivors of florida will be greatly recieved.

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