Monday, December 03, 2007

Which Is Funnier?

The story, or the comments it generated?

First of all, The Story (Thread): A man with the surname Whitelightning gets plowed and steals a Kirspy Kreme truck, going on a joyride. Cops from two police agencies are chasing the guy, with donuts flying out of the back of the truck. The whole thing is caught on the dash camera, and when the video goes public, even the DA says it'll be a hit on YouTube.

And now, The Comment, posted by a mysterious user known only as James Beam:

James Beam says:

Misdemeanors imposed upon Mr. Whitelightning include:

==Discharging a donut within city limits

==Improper use of a donut

==Endangering public safety by use of donut

==posessing unlicensed donut

==posession of concealed donut

==reckless endagerment of giant red-hot pickled sausages

==non-payment of donut

==posession of donut paraphranalia

==driving under the influence of donut

==Exceeding daily bag limit of giant red-hot pickled sausages

==non-registration of giant red-hot pickled sausage

==placing posessing or using bait to elude police

Cliches come to life, only on Fark!

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