Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow'd On

Ahhh, ice storms. Not since January, 2005 have we here in Central PA experienced the fun of a good-sized depositing of freezing rain. That time, I spent the week living at Jester's (he had power, I didn't) and most of the first night was spent at Electric Avenue with Justin and Jerry, hooking the generator into the motel unit. Good times, good times.

While not as severe as the 2005 storm, today's is bad enough that I'm actually home from work for once, which is both cool and crappy: Cool, because hey, let's face it, who doesn't like a day off; and crappy, because I'll be short about 8 hours on my already pitiful paycheck come Monday. Bummer. Not a good trade...

But you all know me, and whenever I get the chance, I try to turn a negative into a positive. Today will probably be one of the most proficient blogging days I've had in quite a long time, since I'll have all day to scour the Intarwebs (which is a series of tubes) for nifty crap to post about. I know all six of you are excited about that one, right? Right.

And hey, speaking of all six of you, I'd like to welcome Mexico to the list! My best guess (since the map is small, even the bigger version isn't that detailed) is that the hit came from the vicinity of Mexico City. No matter where in Mexico it came from, allow me to be the first to say Bienvenido to my southern neighbors! Even though, like everyone else, you won't leave a single comment, I still welcome any new readers to my stupid little world. Hey, you never know: my misery might make someone stop and say "Hey, things ain't so bad here, at least I ain't that Prophyt kid..."

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