Sunday, November 18, 2007

Will Winwood Man Up?

Apparently, Steve Winwood has a daughter he barely knew about, and now it's time to see if that's actually the case. The evidence is stacked up in favor of him being the father, but if you read this article, you'll find that alot of people have conspired to keep this hush hush over the decades. At the end, Winwood made this comment:

'My wife and I will contact Francesca in early December to determine whether or not I am indeed her biological father. If that is the case, our family very much look forward to meeting her.'
Now, the music world will be watching to see if Winwood actually lives up to his word and agrees to meet (and have a test done with) his daughter. You never hear anything bad about him in the press, he's a top-notch performer who has both earned and wholeheartedly deserves the respect of everyone in the business.

Me? I'm banking Steve will man up and reconcile with his long-lost daughter. After all, he did sing about "Higher Love," and if you ask me, there's no higher love than that of a parent and child...

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