Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cost of Ignorance

When I list my reasons for disliking religion like I do, one of the foremost is the ignorance and intolerance it can breed. When the already-corrupt structure is further twisted to serve an agenda, the weak-minded can be swayed to say and do some pretty rank shit.

Finally, history has an answer: If you're going to be a narrow-minded fucktard and exploit the grief of a family for your own personal and political gain, you're going to pay out the ass for it. Discuss...

Yeah, fuckers. Pony up. Don't fuck with a PA family.

Seriously. How do you use a young man's funeral as a platform for this kind of drivel? How in the hell can you say that this young man died as punishment for tolerance of a certain sexual preference? No, he died in service to his country, no matter if that service's cause is in question or not. He died a soldier, and his country thanks him.

But he was a fucking kid, for Pete's sake. No parent should ever have to face the horror of burying their own child. That's not how it's supposed to work.

And you want to turn something that's already devastating and turn it into a media circus?

Even to an Atheist, it's obvious: That is most certainly NOT what God is about. Fail.

There's an easy solution to the Westboro problem, you know. Just sick the ATF on them. After all, it worked in Waco, didn't it?

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