Saturday, October 20, 2007

Van Halen's Pitch Nightmare

Found on Fark, and coming to us from the musically-inclined RW370, we have what seems to be an awesome closing song for Van Halen's set: The ultra-classic 80s anthem "Jump." The only trouble is, the dub track containing the keyboards (played by Eddie, and since he can't do that and play guitar live, well, you know...) is going too bloody fast, about 1.5 semitones sharp and at 48K (instead of the normal 44.1K, or CD quality speed). The result?

Well, Eddie is hunting for notes on the guitar, trying to compensate on the fly, but to no avail: The pitch difference doesn't allow for a guitar to hit ANY proper notes, making Eddie come off like he's a bit flat. Alex has no problem, drums aren't dependent on tonal structures as much as other instruments. Diamond Dave has no problems, either: It's relatively easy for a singer to change key on the spot, all you have to do is hear the notes being played, and adjust accordingly. Justin and I do that all the time with certain Karaoke tracks at the Avenue.

I'm not too worried about the bass player, since he's just a replacement for Mike anyway. Mike's off working with Sammy Hagar as far as I know. In the end, Greensboro, NC got their money's worth until the very end. Can't blame the band, really, it's out of their hands. Sound guy? Yeah, bet he got a bitching at after the show.

Let it be known that I love Van Halen, and I feel their pain on this particular issue. I'm sure it'll be ironed out and the rest of the "reunion" tour will be awesome...

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